Cangu won the "2022 Excellent Member of China Automobile Circulation Industry - Digital Transformation Award"

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/ Daily News/December 28, 2022 Guangzhou -- China's Automobile Distribution Industry Annual Conference and Summit Forum was successfully held online from December 14 to 16. Cangu won the 2022 China Automobile Circulation Industry Outstanding Member-Digital Transformation Award for its digital innovation achievements in the field of automobile trading.

We have met with you in the cloud for the "2022 China Automobile Circulation Industry Annual Conference". We have witnessed a conference focusing on the high-quality development of the industry. Six chapters, three days of continuous broadcast, more than 11 million people online to watch and participate in the annual meeting, a wonderful affect the entire automobile circulation industry.

On the platform of the annual meeting, the speakers focused on the original intention and essence of automobile sales and service, talked about the new opportunities of the industry under the stock market, new practices of digital enabling management and operation, insight into the new trends of the development of the international market and circulation, and searched for certainty through the cycle together to build a more intimate relationship with consumers. Forecast and analyze the development trend of automobile market and distribution industry in 2023. The annual meeting focused on hot topics such as new energy, used cars and digitalization, presenting a cloud-based annual meeting with rich connotations that closely follows the situation, is close to the industry, meets the needs of the industry, and has not only the high-altitude interpretation of economists, but also the opinions of surrounding enterprises. Not only for the future, outlook and forecast, but also for the current analysis, methods and tools.

Cangu has been established for more than ten years. By building a technological and data-driven automobile trading service platform, Cangu has laid out three fields of automobile transaction promotion and automobile after-market service, and created a service closed-loop to reshape the relationship between people, goods and market in automobile trading, so as to create value for all participants in the automobile circulation value chain. This year, Cangu has launched the strategy of driving both new and used cars, enabling upstream and downstream partners and dealers through productized services, so as to create the preferred car buying service platform for consumers, making car buying simple and pleasant. This time, Cangu won the "2022 Excellent Member of China Automobile Circulation Industry - Digital Transformation Award" issued by China Automobile Distributors Association, which is the association's recognition and encouragement for Cangu's comprehensive practice of digital transformation, digital innovation, and tireless efforts in the field of automobile transaction services.

Cangu Group is building and promoting the digital business capability of the company as a whole, setting up information and digital center independently, forming a technology system integrating informatization, digitalization and intelligence, creating its own technology label and non-replicable enterprise technology competitiveness, and escorting the construction of the auto trading service platform of Cangu Group.

In June this year, Cangu officially launched the "Cangu Haoche" APP, a one-stop B2B trading service platform for auto merchants in China. Cangu is committed to providing safe, reliable, sustainable and stable full-link professional services such as vehicle source, finance, insurance, warehousing and logistics for the upstream and downstream of the auto industry chain. Relying on the diversified business matrix of the listed company Cangu Group and the profound market cognition of more than ten years of deep research in the sinking market, "Cangu Good Car" directly hits the business pain points of car dealers, and through the multi-system "all-in-one" platform, becomes the most reliable partner on the road of car dealers' growth. Recently, "Cangu Good Car" has launched a series of new functions, mainly including deposit insurance, logistics standardized pricing, car without worry and new customers hidden customers, etc. Through a series of professional online tools, the new functions enable auto dealers to trade, so as to help auto dealers to bring consumers more professional, more accurate and better experience of trading services. Cangu will launch more new products and new functions in the coming months, covering auto insurance, reliable matchmaking and so on, and continue to empower dealers.

In May this year, Cangu launched the mini program "Cangu Superior Car" for the national second-hand car dealers, focusing on providing one-stop trading services for the national second-hand car dealers, covering various functions such as online car search, vehicle source information release, self-operated second-hand car purchase, logistics, finance, etc., committed to improving the efficiency of second-hand car trading and promoting the cross-regional and efficient circulation of second-hand cars within the country.

Can Valley will adhere to the big data and technological innovation as the core driving force, and constantly improve the service productization and other functions, while realizing the online business process, data, visualization, greatly improve the safety and efficiency of the transaction, so that the vehicle dealers and consumers in the process of transaction service more peace of mind, more worry, more comfortable. So that the transaction is no longer difficult, so that the purchase of a car more simple!

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