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The number of employees at Tesla's Texas super factory reached 12277 last year, more than doubling compared to the previous year

(PRZWT)-On April 6th, according to foreign media reports, Tesla stated in its annual compliance repo

2023-04-06 16:48

Tesla's new small electric vehicles will be equipped with 53kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, with a target sales volume of 42 million vehicles

(PRZWT)--On April 6, it was reported by foreign media that Tesla disclosed in the third chapter (Mas

2023-04-06 16:31

How much do you know about accounting?

Accounting as accounting work, in fact, we should also know some knowledge, which can help our daily life more convenient, and then bring you some accounting knowledge. Accounting refers to the specific business of accounting, such as collecting, organizing, recording, calculating and reporting original documents. It requires specification

2022-12-13 17:37

Finance and taxation knowledge: enterprise must do financial audit report?

Audit report is the enterprise accounting measurement, bookkeeping, accounting, accounting archives and other basic work is in line with the accounting system, enterprise internal control system is sound, issued by the audit qualified accounting firm certified public accountants report. It is a summary of financial revenues and expenditures, operating results and economic activities

2022-12-01 14:51

The image of the back of Mi 13 was exposed by the Leica logo

[Daily News] On November 28, Xiaomi officially announced that its latest digital series model Mi 13 series will be officially launched at 7 PM on December 1. Along with the news, the Mi 13 series has a higher percentage of the front screen. But Xiaomi

2022-11-29 09:32

A new round of OTA upgrade is coming to the M5, and a better experience is at hand

The M5, the first model of the Asq series, has been on the market for nearly a year. Q Jie M5, a smart luxury electric drive SUV, has been upgraded several times with strong OTA capability, providing users with frequently used and new car experience. Recently, M5 will usher in a new round of OTA upgrade, upgrade range

2022-11-28 11:05

Zhizhi Products Zhizhi experience Palma Letter Mark the world's first Zhizhi flagship store debuted in Shenzhen Bay No.1

Guangzhou, November 10, 2022 -- The world's first Zhenzhi flagship store of Xinmark, a high-end Pu 'er tea brand owned by Palma Tea, officially opened at Shenzhen Bay 1 on November 5. Eight horse tea industry responsible person pointed out, as the letter mark brand incarnation, Shenzhen Bay No.1 shop is a letter mark brand, general

2022-11-10 14:23

How to write an application for change of company? Sample application for registration of alteration

It is well known that people use public registers of companies to judge their behavior. Therefore, once the company changes, it needs to be changed by law. Only after the change, can avoid unnecessary property damage. So, how to write a company change request? 1. Change of company Change of company refers to the registration of incorporation of a company

2022-11-09 16:40

Who's buying Trumpchi M8 Masters? Real user portraits reveal the answer

Guangzhou, Nov 04, 2022 -- Ten days after booking opened, Trumpchi M8 was caught off guard by a "Versailles" presentation. On October 30, Trumpchi announced orders and pre-order details for the new generation M8 Master series. The exact number of orders was not disclosed, but

2022-11-04 14:46

Wanli cattle Yuncang refresh online: a key in, to achieve the owner of the Yuncang docking interconnection!

Guangzhou, October 11, 2022 -- In the post-COVID-19 era, as epidemic control has become more and more routine, regional silence and street closures have occurred. Recently, the "Yiwu of the world" has been shut down for a week, which has greatly affected consumers' shopping experience and resulted in an urgent amount of refund

2022-10-11 17:36

Help the fastest 4 hours of hairy crabs across the city delivery, SF Express in collaboration with the city to provide "special express" service

/ The Morning News/Guangzhou, September 22, 2022 -- The autumn wind is blowing and crab feet itch. In the season of yellow crab fat, many diners can't help but have a taste of it. Among the many hairy crab varieties, Yangcheng Lake hairy crab is the most famous. It can be called the king of crabs and the most delicious crab in the world. It's not just textbook

2022-09-22 14:10

Yonghe soy milk powder focus on good quality, protect diet health!

Guangzhou, August 31, 2022 -- In the food industry, consumers care about two important factors when choosing a brand: one is taste, and the other is health and safety. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard and health awareness, "healthy food" changed

2022-09-22 14:07

A number of Samsung's new commercial display screens were launched

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- With the continuous development of science and technology and the increasing demand for personalized products, display terminal products are a key element to attract audience's attention and enhance brand influence. Commercial displays cover a wide range: not just the most familiar types of traffic

2022-09-22 14:07

Leading the high-end market and presenting the HD "view" world, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K product has been upgraded

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- Nowadays, with the iteration of display technology, the color TV industry is also showing the trend of high-definition and high-end: 4K resolution has almost become the standard, and 8K technology has been widely popularized. At the launch of Samsung's new TV strategy last week, China Electronics Co

2022-09-22 14:07

ROHM has developed the industry's ultra-stable DC-DC converters for high-end ADAS

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- QuiCur technology is used to significantly reduce power circuit design time for increasingly complex on-board applications. ROHM(headquartered in Kyoto, Japan), the world's leading semiconductor manufacturer, is aiming at ADAS, including on-board sensors and cameras

2022-09-22 14:07

Why can SONY still dominate the TV industry in the Age of internal volume?

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- SONY recently launched a number of new BRAVIA XR series products, all of which are equipped with further upgraded XR cognitive chips, combined with XR dynamic backlight system Master Edition, XR Terri MAX technology, screen sound stage flagship edition and multi-channel screen

2022-09-22 14:06

Why can small degree smart screen become the most anticipated Mid-Autumn gifts for the elderly?

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- Is a small smart screen becoming the most anticipated Mid-Autumn gift for the elderly? Xiaodu and Zoulijian shoes topped the list of the most expected gifts for the elderly, winning 32 percent and 3 percent, respectively, in a recent vote on

2022-09-22 14:06

Crab Crab, good crab with you all the way

/ The Morning News/Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- Keeping a good crab comes from being focused. A good brand is like a hairy crab. Every moult of its shell is growth, which needs to be treated seriously and checked at various levels. The first key: the source - grasp the good quality of crab seedlings good varieties and genes are able to crab seedlings

2022-09-22 14:06

Comfortable heating and energy Saving? Linnei Q85A Rui Qing series wall - mounted furnace with "black technology" attack

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- On August 31, Linnei launched a brand new product -- Q85A Rui Qing Series wall hanging furnace. Linne has been focusing on the research and development of thermal appliances and scientific and technological innovation for more than a hundred years. The Q85A Rui Qing series wall hanging furnace released this time is to cope with the new generation of Chinese consumers

2022-09-22 14:06

Autumn growth golden period, Mengniu student milk nutrition help for health points

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- Quality-oriented education is still the focus of parents' attention in the second year of the "double reduction" policy, coinciding with the back-to-school season across the country. In the new semester, students not only need to pay attention to their own epidemic prevention and control, but also face the pressure of improving physical, mental, creative and other comprehensive abilities

2022-09-22 14:03