Columbus Textile Guo Qi: People-oriented, heart-oriented, environmentally friendly and innovative spinning industry new wind

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/PRZWT/BEIJING, May 24, 2024 - As one of the most important industries in the world, the textile industry bears the heavy responsibility of human clothing needs. However, in recent years, environmental pollution, rising raw material prices and intensified market competition have plagued the industry. In this context, seeking innovation and sustainable development has become a top priority for enterprises. Suzhou Shengze, the prosperous land of the textile industry, has witnessed the growth and development of Guo Qi. He is the son of Lushan, Jiangxi Province. He is the founder of Suzhou Columbus Textile Co., Ltd., and a striver who has devoted his heart and passion to the textile industry.

Original intention and dream

Guo Qi's textile dream originated from his curiosity about cloth when he was young. Guo Qi comes from a major textile province and has a special emotion and yearning for this industry. As he grows older, his dream becomes clearer, and he longs to make his own sky in this textile world.

In 2012, Guo Qi founded Suzhou Columbus Textile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Columbus Textile) in Shengze. At the beginning of his business, he faced countless challenges and difficulties, but never gave up his dream. He knows that starting a business is like a marathon, which requires patience, perseverance and persistence. Therefore, he keeps learning and growing, and gradually builds himself into an elite in the textile industry.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

Today, Columbus Textile has become a leader in the industry. Inspired by Columbus' spirit of exploring new continents, it has continuously pioneered and innovated, and launched a series of high-quality products. Its main product lines cover men's nylon silk series, polyester wool series, nylon 66 business outdoor series, etc. Each series corresponds to a lifestyle and wearing needs. In particular, women's Tencel three-vinegar series and nylon wool yarn-dyed series, Columbus Textile has effectively reduced the environmental impact of production activities by using recycled materials, reducing water and energy consumption in the production process, and implementing waste recycling programs.

Guo Qi knows that the future of the enterprise lies in sustainable development, and environmental protection is the life infra of the enterprise. In addition to product quality and brand strength, Columbus Textile also actively advocates the concept of green environmental protection, always committed to fulfilling social responsibility, paying attention to environmental protection and sustainable development issues, and contributing to the green development and social progress of the textile industry.

Quality first, customer is king

Quality and service are the keys to the survival and development of an enterprise. As the founder of the company, Guo Qi has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first". To ensure the stability and reliability of product quality, he invested a lot of money to introduce production equipment and technology, and strengthened quality management and control measures. Every product is strictly checked and inspected to ensure that it meets the highest standards.

At the same time, Guo Qi pays close attention to market dynamics and customer needs, and constantly adjusts product structure and market strategies to better meet the diverse needs of customers. Under the leadership of Guo Qi, Columbus Textile's products not only sell well in domestic and foreign markets, but also win the trust and praise of customers.

Green leadership, the road to quality

In addition to running enterprises, Guo Qi also actively participates in industry exchanges and cooperation, and has established extensive cooperative relations with industry peers. In the future, Guo Qi will use his practical actions and influence to promote the progress and development of the entire textile industry, injecting more vitality and motivation into the sustainable development of the industry.

Source: Corporate press release
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