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The first traction substation of HuSu Lake high-speed rail was successfully powered


2024-07-03 17:58

Zhejiang Province's first liquid hydrogen key equipment manufacturing base starts construction


2024-05-10 17:04

Helping to build a world-class artificial intelligence industry cluster, Lingang Group and Fourth Paradigm Strategic Cooperation - Press Release


2024-03-21 16:53

While Sora sparks heated debate, AI simultaneous interpreters are ushering in a new era of simultaneous interpretation - News Release


2024-03-04 15:43

Century Qualcomm empowers China Southern Power Grid to build a new ecosystem in the energy industry through digital transformation


2024-02-23 15:49

The National Cultural Big Data Trading Center is ready for trial operation, and the National Library Press plans to enter the market

Guangzhou, August 26, 2022 -- The National Cultural Big Data Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as the "National Center") is about to go into operation on a trial basis. As a member unit with outstanding achievements in the construction of the national cultural big data system, the National Library Press has become one of the first batch of national cultural big data trading centers

2022-08-26 17:00

On August 6th, Changsha Ziwen Film Group Co., LTD. 's work conference and "Top 100 Plan" activity exchange meeting was held

On August 6, Changsha Ziwen Film Group Co., LTD. 's work conference and "Top 100 Plan" activity exchange meeting was held in Ziwen Film Group.

2022-08-16 09:58

China 20 Metallurgical Co., LTD. : Take multiple measures to promote the project construction

Guangzhou, August 10, 2022 -- In the summer of Fuzhou, the heat wave is everywhere and the pulse of endeavour is always beating. Approaching the construction site of China 20 Metallurgical Baosteel Desheng Project, there are ding-dong, roaring machines and busy staff shuttling back and forth to build the project

2022-08-10 18:33

Nanhai District, Foshan City, with high quality solid waste treatment to understand the lock of high quality urban development

Guangzhou, August 09, 2022 -- Nanhai District of Foshan City (hereinafter referred to as Nanhai District), located in the central and southern part of Guangdong Province and in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, is a pioneer of reform and opening up. The district covers an area of 1,073 square kilometers with a permanent population of 4 million

2022-08-09 17:50

Embrace the age with youth and ignite the future with struggle -- Zhou Zhaoyang, the expert of youth post in the Group

Guangzhou, August 02, 2022 -- Zhou Zhaoyang, who graduated in 2019 and joined China Metallurgical 20 Group Co., LTD., is now the district administrator of the Engineering Department of the Airport Phase II Project of China Metallurgical 20 Shenzhen Company and the secretary of the Youth League Branch of the Airport Phase II Project. Struggle at that time Comrade Zhou Zhaoyang always protect

2022-08-02 18:41

Focusing on the high-quality development of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises in Hunan, the top flow of the industry gathers 2022 real estate high-quality development Forum Hunan station

Guangzhou, July 29, 2022 -- According to the 19th document of The State Council on further revitalizing stock assets and expanding effective investment, the majority of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises are accelerating the transformation of development mode, establishing and improving market-oriented operation mechanism, and improving the performance of enterprises

2022-07-29 19:20

With a rent reduction of 300 million yuan, this jewelry property management company won the praise of the industry!

Guangzhou, July 25, 2022 -- On the afternoon of July 20, Teri Group held the signing ceremony of "National Assets Enabling and Win-win Cooperation -- Rent-free and rent Reduction Signing Ceremony of Teri Jewelry Building" in Teri Jewelry Building. This activity aims to support enterprises, further reduce the burden of market entities and help jewelry enterprises

2022-07-25 18:40

"National public resources transaction" wechat service number is new online, project bidding, government procurement and other transaction announcements public one-click inquiry, subscription, waiting for you to yo!

I have the story, you have the wine, I have the platform, you have the need, the most warm thing in the world is that when you need, I just be there. There has always been a lack of transparency in the transaction of public resources, high cost for enterprises to obtain information and trust

2020-04-24 15:03

A full house! RIIL and government industry users won multiple achievement awards in 2019

In order to sum up and publicize the progress made in government governance informatization and public service informatization, it will commend the reform of public service system, the construction of basic data, the sharing of information resources, the construction of service system, and the optimization of business environment. Small crowd

2020-04-24 15:03

Zhuhai: "One picture" becomes a new engine to accelerate the construction of digital government

The historical mission of building the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area encourages Zhuhai people to explore and practice the government's digital reform and innovation with extraordinary courage and wisdom. In this process, Zhuhai municipal government takes urban data resources as a breakthrough point and builds a systematic system. Zhuhai decision

2018-10-12 09:16

King Esports has supported HKU SPACE in launching Hong Kong's first government-approved diploma course in esports

(May 28, 2018) In recent years, the rapid development of the e-sports industry, the industry is thirsty for talent, as the main promoter of the local e-sports industry, Emperor E-sports has realized that if the e-sports industry wants to continue to develop, it is the first task to solve the industry's urgent need for talent. King electric

2018-06-01 11:57

Tsinghua Tongfang has joined forces with Wanning Municipal government to build an Internet + smart city

On the morning of December 2, Tongfang Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Tsinghua Tongfang) signed an agreement with the Wanning municipal government to cooperate in multiple fields, including the urban public information platform, cloud computing service center and urban management Internet of Things system, to help Wanning

2016-12-12 09:42