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Running orders can also be PK! SF Knights in the same city running orders ranking competition ignites summer passion


2024-06-21 17:53

NetEase's first-quarter financial report: NetEase's strict selection of explosive products continues to break through, AI drives smart supply chain upgrades


2024-05-27 17:25

Help "Burn" the Spring Festival Consumer Market "Fireworks" China UnionPay Helps Issue Guizhou Huimin Consumption Vouchers - News Release


2024-02-19 11:39

Yangtze River Delta CCX · Traffic Valley Promotion Conference ended successfully, starting a new chapter of digital application in service industry


2024-01-31 11:21

Wise Platform and Interactive Brokers Team Up to Make Global Investing Easier

NEW YORK--(PRZWT)--Wise, the company building the best way to move and manage money around the world

2023-04-07 13:59

The Raine Group Acquires Code Advisors to Expand Reach With Fast-growing Technology, Media and Telecom Companies

NEW YORK & SAN FRANCISCO--(PRZWT)--The Raine Group, a global merchant bank focused exclusively on in

2023-04-07 13:57

How much do you know about accounting?

Accounting as accounting work, in fact, we should also know some knowledge, which can help our daily life more convenient, and then bring you some accounting knowledge. Accounting refers to the specific business of accounting, such as collecting, organizing, recording, calculating and reporting original documents. It requires specification

2022-12-28 14:09

What procedures do shareholders need to go through to change?

Shareholder change is followed by shareholder change, but the process of shareholder change is more complicated than simple shareholder change. So today will tell you how to make a shareholder change and what the procedures are. 1. Application for registration of company change signed by the legal representative (with the company's official seal upon receipt);

2022-12-28 14:08

What is the biggest advantage of looking for a professional bookkeeping company?

With the continuous development of market economy, small and medium-sized enterprises spring up like bamboo shoots after rain, and the accounting companies that suit them come into being. Let us take you inside the world of bookkeeping companies! Bookkeeping companies have outstanding advantages. As a novel accounting solution and a new social accounting service item, accounting firms are being promoted

2022-12-13 17:42

What is the specific process of accounting bookkeeping?

Accounting is the process of accounting for accounting. All kinds of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs often need to seek the help of accounting firms due to their business scale and other reasons. At this time, it is very important for everyone to understand the accounting process. The following Xiaobian will take you to understand the specific process of bookkeeping: according to the cashier handover

2022-12-12 17:35

Do you know the importance of financial consulting in business operation?

As an important part of enterprise internal management, financial management involves more complex contents and forms. What does financial consulting do? What is the role of financial advice? Great changes have taken place in the development mode and content of Chinese enterprises during the operation of market economy. Many enterprises in order to achieve their own stability

2022-12-12 16:44

You don't have a company, how do you bill them?

According to Xiaobian understand, now there are many people in order to earn more income, in their o

2022-12-09 16:10

What is agency bookkeeping? What requirements must be met to engage in accounting agent?

Last time we talked about bookkeeping companies. In fact, the bookkeeping agency is the most important post in the bookkeeping company, so I will tell you what is the bookkeeping agency. An accountant usually refers to an accountant who completes matters entrusted by others in the name of an agent with his own accounting expertise. Mainly responsible for each enterprise.

2022-12-09 15:27

Since replacing business tax with value-added tax, what are the special cases of VAT invoices?

According to the compilation, since the release of the Notice of the State Administration of Taxation of the People's Republic of China (Guo Shui Fa [2004]153, hereinafter referred to as 153) in 2004, the State Administration of Taxation has included the VAT special invoice into the anti-counterfeiting tax control system. Over time, especially many battalions

2022-12-08 17:11

Can a natural person apply to tax authorities for VAT special invoice?

Can a natural person apply for VAT business to the tax authorities? What should I pay attention to when applying for * *? Next, let's look at the problem. Q1: Under what circumstances can a natural person (i.e., "other individual" in the document) issue a special VAT invoice? 1 scene for other individuals to sell

2022-12-08 17:08

Why should small and medium-sized enterprises take a professional bookkeeping agency?

For most small and medium-sized enterprises, there is basically no complete financial team at the early stage of the establishment of enterprises, or even most of them are more likely to have only 1-2 financial personnel. Although it can be used for company accounting and tax declaration, but in dealing with some professional financial and tax issues, it is more reluctant. For most smes,

2022-12-06 14:39

Small and micro enterprises looking for a bookkeeping company account will be more cost-effective?

It is reported that the scale of accounting service industry is expanding, the variety of service products is increasing, and the scope of service objects is expanding. In the past, large and medium-sized enterprises are the main customers of accounting companies. With the rapid development of economy, small and medium-sized enterprises have sprung up like bamboo shoots. Small enterprises due to the limitation of funds, various institutional facilities may not be as big as

2022-12-06 14:24

What does the agency bookkeeping company do? Agency bookkeeping includes what service items

For the establishment of the company, the boss is always confused, bookkeeping tax boss knows everything. At this point, we need a dedicated organization to help. That's an agency. So what does an agency do? Bien Shaw introduces it to you. We first need to know the significance of bookkeeping

2022-12-05 14:28

When registering a new company, what is the difference between personal handling and agency?

Now registered companies are generally online business, industrial and commercial audit and then go to the site to get a license. Although it sounds simple, if the applicant does not understand the policy, the probability of being rejected is still very high when it comes to revising and processing materials. As a first step, you should still focus on building the company

2022-12-05 14:07