Hunan Hanshou: Mengqu Upgrade, Changde Wildlife World Children's Amusement Park Phase 1 Opens - Press Release


2024-02-23 15:11

The ninth collocation festival of Oudu is about to open, the annual men's fashion festival highlights outlook!

/ Chaowen/Guangzhou, November 17, 2022 -- Collocation creates influence. Chinese men's wear matching high-end brand Oudu's annual fashion festival, the 9th Matching Festival, will be launched on November 18, bringing the latest trends of international men's wear to the majority of men. This year's match festival,

2022-11-17 14:23

The practice group of "Bridge builds people's livelihood, Concrete builds Future" went to Yucheng, Dezhou to carry out practical research activities

In order to actively respond to the call of the national rural revitalization strategy, the practice

2022-09-22 14:42

"Bridge to build people's livelihood, concrete to build the future" practice group to Yantai City across the canal road bridge detection survey

In order to actively respond to the call of the national rural revitalization strategy, the practice

2022-09-22 14:42

The online launching ceremony of the practice group of

"14th Five-Year plan outline ", practice the practice theme of "professional knowledge gather people

2022-09-22 14:42

Spread green, Practice low carbon: The Waile 2022 International Green Zero Carbon Festival won two awards

Guangzhou, August 31, 2022 -- On August 30, 2022, the 2022 International Green Zero Carbon Festival and 2022ESG Summit, co-sponsored by Suyang, Suyang Charity and many domestic public and financial media, officially came to an end. In the conference, Mrs. Le won the 2022 green

2022-09-19 17:28

Mintel releases 2022 Sustainability Trends Report

Guangzhou, August 23, 2022 -- Global consumer concern over climate change has escalated over the past year. According to Mintel's latest Sustainability Trends 2022 report, global consumers ranked climate change as their top three environmental issues in 2021-22

2022-08-23 11:53

Tongfang Wisdom Energy has reached strategic cooperation with Zibo Thermoelectric and Qingdao Mailing

August 15, 2022 Guangzhou -- An old industrial city has recently taken new steps in its development. Tongfang Wisdom Energy Co., Ltd. signed the strategic cooperation framework Agreement with Zibo Thermoelectric Group Co., LTD., Mailing Consulting Management (Qingdao) Co., LTD., jointly contributing to the implementation of Zibo Carbon Reduction action. Tongfang

2022-08-15 17:07

To build an "invisible" garbage transfer station, Hanlan helps Foshan Nanhai "waste free city" construction

Guangzhou, August 11, 2022 -- High-quality and happy urban life cannot be achieved without efficient environmental governance facilities. As people's requirements for urban environmental sanitation are increasing, the construction and operation standards of environmental governance facilities are also improving. Park City is the happiest city in the country

2022-08-11 18:49

It's Start of Autumn, how come the air is still full of the smell of summer? Inkblot weather takes you to the answer

August 08, 2022 Guangzhou -- The Start of Autumn Solar Term is here. The 24 solar terms have officially entered the chapter of Autumn! And so on, although the name of the Start of autumn solar term with "autumn" word, but how with our impression of autumn wind fallen leaves, autumn rain slightly cool kind of autumn different ten thousand miles? Why is it in the air

2022-08-08 17:18

Heavy! Two tens of billions of giants together to create a new pattern of air cleaning industry

Guangzhou, August 08, 2022 -- On August 2, 2022, the high-end brand of Mu Linsen Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Air Vision") and Tianjiu Sharing Holding Group (hereinafter referred to as "Tianjiu Sharing Group") jointly established a strong alliance between the two companies in Tianjiu Sharing

2022-08-08 16:11

Green construction "intelligent creation" with mathematics to write a new arc of garden landscape

August 05, 2022 Guangzhou -- Through the digital design "intelligent manufacturing" integrated platform to manufacture a variety of landscape elements, such as garden Bridges, urban furniture, park chairs and benches, flower boxes, tree pools, isolation belts, side stone enclosures, change the traditional linear structure, and use soft

2022-08-05 18:26

Medstead -- redefine air treatment after sale and acceptance standards

Guangzhou, August 04, 2022 -- The need to remove formaldehyde before moving in to new indoor decoration has become the consensus of healthy living. In recent years, the air treatment industry has been booming. At the same time of the development of the industry, there are also some mixed industry chaos, especially without an effective customer

2022-08-04 17:46

Shanghai Mobile held the "Green Shanghai, Together with You" pursuit of red mark activity

August 03, 2022 Guangzhou -- "Green Shanghai, Together with You", one of the series activities of the 8th Shanghai Citizen Greening Festival, was held in Shanghai Science Hall recently. This activity is organized by Shanghai Municipal Greening Commission Office, China Greening Foundation "Green on

2022-08-03 19:10

Hanlan cooperates with state-owned assets of Sanshui District of Foshan to promote Sanshui Green environmental protection project and smart city housekeeper project

August 03, 2022 Guangzhou -- Hanlan passed the proposal of investing in the household waste incineration power generation project of Sanshui District, Foshan City on August 2nd, and increased the treatment scale of the household waste incineration power generation project by 1800 tons/day. The project will further expand the scale of Hanlan solid waste treatment business,

2022-08-03 19:09

Good day sincere person series | phase 3: respect best workers

Guangzhou, August 02, 2022 -- It has been 34 years since Tiancheng was founded. Over the past 30 years, Tiancheng has been able to sustain its career, thanks to the joint efforts of the old and new Tiancheng people who are conscientious, brave and silent. Truly great individuals and teams have valuable qualities,

2022-08-02 18:38

Keep the "electric Road" in forest area and build the "firewall" in forest area

/ Chaowen News/Guangzhou, August 01, 2022 -- "No abnormality was reported during inspection of the 137 line of the 10kV stone yard". On July 31, the staff of Binhai Power supply Branch carried out "carpet" special patrol work on the power lines in the Xiaoping Mountain area of Jiolong Mountain, to ensure that the grid power supply during the summer kurtosis

2022-08-01 18:26

Scientific and technological innovation to protect rural China -- Jiangsu Liding Environmental Protection 2022 household machine cleaner conference was successfully held

Guangzhou, August 01, 2022 -- On May 26, Jiangsu Liding Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 2022 household machine scavenger series product launch conference was successfully held online. The conference focused on the dispersed sewage treatment industry, the national urban partner recruitment plan, product launch, audience questions and answers

2022-08-01 18:26

Chuangyi Community Love Relay activity -- Beijing Yi Team Yanqing Team street cleaning voluntary activity

Guangzhou, August 01, 2022 -- On July 20, 2022, the Yanqing Team of Chuangyi Society Beijing Ants Collecting Team carried out street cleaning activities in Rishang Wholesale Market, Yanqing District, Beijing. The street cleaning activity was organized by Chuangyi Society to create a clean and tidy market environment and improve

2022-08-01 18:21