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Q. How are the office hours of the editorial office of Chaowentong?
Q. How to publish on weekends and holidays?
Q. How should press releases be submitted?
Q. What is the process of news release processing?

The editor of Chaowentong will process the manuscript as soon as possible after seeing it in the system. If there are problems, he will contact you to confirm the details of the manuscript, and then he will simply edit the manuscript according to the standard format of the press release. After the manuscript is processed, the system will send an email to remind you to approve and confirm the manuscript on the platform. If you need to modify, please click the "Modify" button of the platform to submit the modification instruction; If there is no need to modify, please check the option "I have approved and approved the press release" and click "Confirm" to complete the release.

For the translation confirmation of small languages, the editor will send an email to you for confirmation. Please reply to the original email of the editor in the form of email (please make sure to reply to the email of Chaowentong editing group cnhubs@przwt.com Instead of replying to individual editors, to avoid missing your manuscript confirmation when the editor is not on duty). The editor will send the news release after receiving your final confirmation.

* Each manuscript editor will confirm with you. Most manuscripts will also be confirmed with you (as the case may be).

Q. Do I have to confirm my content before sending the press release?

If you do not need to confirm the content and the editor has no substantive changes, the manuscript will be released directly. If you do not need to confirm the content and the editor has made substantive changes, the editor will send the modified manuscript to you for confirmation. If you need to confirm the content, the editor will send the final manuscript to you for confirmation no matter whether there is any substantial change. The manuscript sent to you for content confirmation must be released after your approval (Chaowentong Sales cannot approve on your behalf). The editor cannot send your press release until your content is confirmed.

Q. Functions and advantages of Chaowentong online submission platform?

Main functions of Chaowentong release platform:

  • Press release online
  • View section processing status
  • View the press release release report

Advantages of Chaowentong release platform:

  • More quickly and preferentially enter the Chaowentong release system than email to improve the speed of manuscript processing.
  • Integrate the process of submission, review, release and report of manuscripts, so that you can view the status, history and feedback report of manuscripts at any time, without having to check the scattered emails.
Q. Can I submit multiple press releases in one order?

One order and one press release can ensure the best processing speed and accuracy. Please avoid submitting more than one press release under one order, which will prolong the processing time of editors.

Q. What is the order number and why do you need to remember it?

The order number is the number of the manuscript in the editorial department's release system, which is used to track the status of the manuscript. If you call the hotline to ask for changes or have other questions, you can let the editor quickly find the specific manuscript. The order number also provides accuracy to ensure that editors find the correct manuscript.

Q. Who can release press releases through Chaowentong? What is the authorized news publisher?

In order to ensure the credibility and security of your company, only authorized personnel can release press releases. Any news release from unauthorized personnel will be rejected. Therefore, it is very important to update the list of authorized contributors in a timely manner, which is also a guarantee of your company's security.

Q. Can I release photo news? What are the specific requirements?

Yes, the specific requirements are as follows:

  • The recommended format of news photos is jpg; It is recommended to use png format for charts containing a large amount of text
  • The picture specification should be more than 1024 pixels; If you want to publish in flat media, it is recommended that the image specification be above 2700 pixels
  • The picture shall be provided with a caption. The length of the caption is suggested to be controlled within 20 Chinese characters or 70 English characters (including spaces)
  • Please do not send CMYK format pictures sent to the printing factory directly to us, which may cause color display distortion
  • When more pictures need to be released, it is recommended to choose Chaowentong's production service: integrate the pictures into slide videos and release them in the form of multimedia press releases
Q. What format document should I use for publishing?

The preferred manuscript format is Word document file, and the form of quarterly report can be sent using Excel. Press releases in PDF or picture format cannot be edited.

Q. Can I release the same news twice?

may not. A news item can only be released once through Chaowentong, not repeatedly.

Q. How long will the global press release take?

Press releases with a total number of words less than 400 English words generally require 1-2 working days for local language translation. If you need to release the local language version of the press release synchronously in all time zones around the world, please submit the manuscript to the editorial department of Korean News Communication at least 3 working days before the release, so as to allow time for translation.

Q. When can I get feedback on the effects of the release?

If your submission is for the Asia Pacific region, we will provide a web link report two working days after the submission is sent. However, please note that web link reports will not be provided for English articles sent to mainland China.

If your manuscript is sent to a non-Asia Pacific region, we will send you a link Report automatically generated by the system -- Visibility Report 2 hours after the manuscript is sent. This link report lists some of the sites that have published your articles. More results can be found through Google and other search tools.

Q. Why isn't media contact information displayed on the website?
Q. Why does media contact information still appear on some websites when it is not available to everyone?

When processing manuscripts, we will set specific labels for contact information that is only available to the media. However, there will be differences in the operation of the media sites that receive manuscripts. It is entirely up to media outlets to decide whether to follow the media only label for handling contact information, and most media sites follow our label.

Q. How long can a press release stay on the Asnews.com Asia website?

All press releases can be permanently saved on the Aswen Asia website. Although press releases can be retrieved within 730 days of publication, the address of the press release will not expire. After the 730 days of release, you can find the press release in the corporate News room of the website through external search engine tools, and you can also obtain the press release link through the press release feedback report.

Q. Why can't some websites display images from press releases?

Asnews.com Asia (przwt.com) and many other well-known media sites are capable of displaying images from press releases, however, not all sites are technically capable of this. When a press release is issued, the image displayed is inserted in the body of the press release and a link to the image is attached at the end of the press release to ensure that the press release is adopted by more media sites. Keep in mind that on some "simple" sites, journalists will still be able to download images by clicking on them.

Domestic transmission

Q. After I give you all the information, how many days can I finish the story?

After providing the necessary materials and information according to the Chinese Writing Materials Submission Template, the first draft will be completed within 2-3 working days, and the final draft will be reviewed within 1-2 working days.

Q. Why provide material from a template?

In the material templates prepared by Zhaomun for customers, items are set from basic to in-depth, and customers are asked to fill them. Sorting materials is the basis of writing. Sorting and submitting materials according to the template is also the process of helping customers straighten out their thinking, so that customers are more clear about the content they want to spread.

Q. What does the material do?

Let the reporter clearly understand the context of the news event, as well as the information of related enterprises and people, especially let the reporter know the core theme that the enterprise hopes the press release to convey, so that the reporter can write around the theme.

Q. How to organize materials?

In the current template, it includes three parts of materials. The first part is the 5W1H elements of news, namely the most basic materials. The second part is background information, which is a more detailed description of the main character of the press release. The third section is extended data, the information that gives an industry perspective to a corporate press release.

The material from Parts 1 and 2 is necessary for both basic and in-depth writing. For the basic writing of the manuscript, the third part can briefly provide relevant information; For in-depth writing, the content of the third part is very important, especially the enterprise's own views on the industrial situation, as well as the product technology and industry data that the enterprise knows based on the industry. This is also helpful for journalists to combine the perspective of enterprises for in-depth exploration.

Q. Any other issues to be aware of when submitting material?

Even corporate press releases on the same topic can be presented in different styles. Therefore, it is very important to provide the "preferred type of articles" when submitting materials. This can be your own past press releases or news from other businesses.

Overseas dissemination

Q. What is the service process of English press release writing?

First of all, communicate the overseas communication objectives, and specify the number of articles and content scheduling plan. After signing the formal writing cooperation agreement, the client will provide the complete content materials, and the overseas communication strategy consultant of Aswantong will draw up the outline, arrange professional foreign media writers to write the manuscript after confirmation, and submit the manuscript to the client for review and confirmation after completion.

Q. Can it be directly translated into English according to the Chinese manuscript provided by the enterprise?

We can provide English press release translation and writing services, based on the Chinese manuscripts provided by customers, mainly translation and polishing, and can simply adjust the structure and part of the expression.

Q. If it is an English press release written by the enterprise, can you help to polish it?

We can provide English press release polishing service, based on the first English draft provided by customers based on language expression modification, grammar correction.

Q. Who is the English press release writer?

The press release will be completed by contracted writers of Aswuncom. The writing team consists of senior foreign media writers with rich experience in media and press release writing, covering finance, technology, tourism, culture, energy, fashion, public welfare and other fields. In addition, each manuscript will be polished by a foreign editor who is proficient in English to ensure the high quality of the manuscript.

Q. Could you please help with the manuscript release schedule?

Aswentong overseas communication strategy consultants one on one to follow up customer communication needs and objectives, and provide customized press release schedule.

Q. How to provide English press release writing materials? Should the materials be in English?

The client shall fill in the relevant material information according to the [Press Release Writing Service Information Collection Form of Aswen Tong] and submit the completed information to the overseas communication strategy consultant. Materials can be provided in English or Chinese according to customer's situation.

Q. After data collection, how many days can the first draft be provided for review? Can you expedite it?

After the complete materials are collected and confirmed by the client's outline, the author will be arranged to write them. The first draft of the news will be reviewed 2-3 working days later. Within 24 hours of urgent processing, 30%-50% service fee will be charged (the specific proportion will be determined according to the actual situation).

Q. What is the word count standard?

Each press release will be subject to 400 to 600 English word units, and the additional price will be charged.

Q. If the manuscript needs to be revised, how to feedback the implementation? How many times can I modify it?

If there is any suggestion to revise the content of the manuscript, the content can be revised no more than twice within the news timeliness. Clients can edit the text in the mode of reviewing the draft, and send back the new version to the overseas communication strategy consultant to follow up the revision.

Q. How to submit the confirmed manuscript for publication?

Asomitong overseas communications Strategy Consultant can assist writing clients to submit their articles on Asomitong's press release platform Portal and arrange relevant publication.

A basic overview of WOM

Q. What are the main uses of WOM and how can it help me with my work?

WOM is a media and public opinion monitoring service platform that helps you collect media information, monitor market and competitor activities, and alert sensitive information in a timely manner.

Q. How does WOM work?

You can operate the WOM platform online through the ordinary web page, or you can set the keywords, according to the Settings, receive daily and weekly reports, or use human reporting services

Q. Is there an explanation, introduction or training?

We hold online training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. If you would like to attend, please contact your support colleagues.

Q. I use Baidu, Google, Weibo search tools, and WOM what is the difference?
  • More precise keyword setting logic conditions filter out a lot of useless information.
  • The search information is summarized and classified, archived and exported based on more media user segmentation conditions, saving the time of information processing.
  • WOM exclusive evaluation system, convenient accurate statistics and measurement of communication effects
  • Many search tools, the real-time data capture, because of the IP, time period, search habits will produce different results, resulting in incomplete results. WOM, on the other hand, ensures a comprehensive capture of data through massive search queries from large servers.

WOM media range

Q. Does WOM monitor the whole network? Can you provide a list of media?

Full media channel coverage, according to your industry and region, as appropriate to provide media list.

WOM monitoring technology

Q. How often is the monitoring updated?

Web platform data is updated in real time. The reporting period can be set freely upon request.

Q. If you detect some sensitive information, you can automatically reply, interact, or withdraw the article

Not at the moment.

Q. How is the data captured

The main ways are as follows:

  • Summarize the information of various search engines, including general search engines, Baidu, Google, etc., and various vertical search engines, such as forum search, video search, blog search, etc.
  • Data cooperation with the media to obtain data in the form of apis
  • Independent research and development of fetching tools, the designated website for direct data collection.
Q. Can I designate some websites to monitor?

Yes, please send us the list of websites and we can add them for you after evaluating the technical feasibility.

Q. By what does WOM monitor, by topic, by industry, by keywords

WOM is based on keywords to monitor, WOM has a powerful, sophisticated keyword setting system, can help you fully and accurately monitor the information, you can download this form to understand and fill in, you can also contact our support colleagues to understand

Q. Can we get back a year or more of historical data

It is possible to retrieve historical data, we are not sure how far back to retrieve data, generally speaking, the more obscure the word, the longer to retrieve.

Grab the result class problem

Q. Why some information, clearly old information, historical information, is presented as the latest information.

This kind of situation mostly occurs in the early stage of establishing monitoring tasks. Due to the massive data captured at a time, some historical data will be displayed as the latest data by default due to the incomplete time stamp or code or non-standard. As the monitoring is carried out, it is only updated every day with the latest information for the day. The negative influence of historical data will also fade.

Q. Why is it that something I find on my own doesn't show up in the WOM results, or in the daily paper
  • Please first check that your keyword Settings are correct, that you did not fill in too many words in the "Include all" field, or that you omitted them incorrectly in the "Exclude words" field
  • Whether you entered too many keywords in the search term
  • Did you change a keyword or create a new task in the last reporting period? The reports generated by the system may be influenced by historical information, or by search results you have previously set, and may not fully reflect the latest changes
  • Do you have your own keyword list? You can send it to us. We can help you re-plan and set it
  • No, please contact our customer service staff
Q. I have deleted some of the crawling results, whether I will delete this kind of information in the future

No, it is recommended that you modify the keyword Settings, such as adding exclusions

Various setup problems

Q. Can I change the monitoring keywords at any time? Will the data before the replacement change?

Can be replaced at any time, but will not change the previous historical data.

Q. I am not good at setting keywords, can you help me set them?

Yes, please contact the customer service staff, we will arrange a special person to set up or provide training and guidance for you. Or you can download this keyword setting sheet to study and fill in

Q. What should I do if I want to change the recipient or receipt time of daily newspaper and sensitive information

You can log in to the WOM online platform and enter the Subscription Center page to modify the Settings of various reports. Alternatively, you can contact the customer service staff to help you set up

Explanation of various problems

Q. Top20 and Top5 in daily newspapers in what order

Ranked by relevance, number of similar stories, or the number of popular interactions on a particular post

Q. Can I get something like click-through rate or AD value?

Not yet.

Q. How do you get your media attribute data?

Manual recognition and classification.

Q. How long will the data come out after the keyword is set?

Within minutes.

Collect questions in the newsletter

Q. Can I receive news by industry category?

Yes, you can log in przwt platform for industry selection Settings.

Q. What if I feel that this amount of news every day will interfere with my work, but I really want to receive news from daily newsletter?

We recommend that you collect a daily news summary and send it only once a day, so that you don't miss our news and it doesn't interfere with your normal work.

Q. Where do you get your daily news?

Our news comes directly from our corporate customers around the world, who get their news sent to us as soon as possible. Each news article will indicate which company it is from, and Asahi will ensure the truth of the news.

Post questions in the daily news

Q. Do I have to pay if I want to post the news on our website or blog?

No, we provide a free news source. As long as you indicate that the source is from Zhaomitong when Posting.

Q. What if we want to customize our newsletter?

If you want to use RSS, you can choose a topic in our RSS subscription. If this still cannot meet your special customization needs, you can contact us directly. If you want to use the Widget method, you can submit your requirements at registration, or you can contact our department directly.media@przwt.com

Q. How many news articles do I receive every day?

The amount of news per day depends on the industry and scope you set up to accept.