Mercedes Benz Q1 Global Sales Slight Increase 3%, Electric Vehicle Sales Grow 89%

2023-04-14 14:33 0

(PRZWT)-On April 13th, according to foreign media reports, Mercedes Benz released its sales data for the first quarter of this year on Wednesday local time. Data shows that in the first quarter, the company sold 503500 cars globally, a year-on-year increase of 3%; The sales of electric vehicles reached 51600 units, an increase of 89% year-on-year.

In the United States, the company sold 75701 vehicles, of which 7341 were electric vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 251%.

In 2022, the company's pure electric vehicle sales increased by 124% year-on-year to 117800 vehicles, of which 124.21 million were sold in the United States.

Although Mercedes is not a sales leader in the electric vehicle market, it has been committed to slowly but firmly expanding its products and intends to increase its electric vehicle production.

Compared to traditional competitors, Mercedes Benz has increased the speed of electric vehicles much faster. The company currently offers up to 8 electric models in certain markets, several times that of BMW, Porsche, and Audi, and even surpasses most non high-end brands worldwide.

In March of this year, Mercedes Benz announced that it would invest billions of dollars in modernizing its production plants in China, Germany, and Hungary to transition to electric vehicles.

In July 2021, Mercedes Benz announced that it would achieve full electrification in markets where conditions permit by 2030.

Source: Corporate press release
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