Apple released its second quarter financial report on May 5th, with revenue of $97 billion for the same period in the previous fiscal year

2023-04-07 14:28 0

(PRZWT)-On April 6th, according to foreign media reports, with the end of the first quarter, major companies' financial reports will also be on the agenda. Apple has also announced on its official website that their financial reports for the second quarter of the 2023 fiscal year as of the end of March will be released on May 4th local time.

According to information on Apple's official website, their financial analyst conference call for the second quarter of the 2023 fiscal year will start at 2:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time on May 4th, which is 5:00 am Beijing Time on May 5th.

Apple's financial analyst conference calls in recent quarters were attended by several executives, including CEO Cook and CFO Luca Mesteri. On May 5th, they are expected to attend a conference call with financial analysts to introduce Apple's performance and answer questions raised by analysts.

It is worth noting that Apple's first fiscal quarter of the 2023 fiscal year, which was the previous fiscal quarter, lasted for over 90 days from September 25th to December 31st last year, longer than several previous fiscal quarters. However, due to the deadline of December 31st, it means that Apple's fiscal quarter will be synchronized with the natural quarter in the future.

The second fiscal quarter of Apple's fiscal year is usually the second full fiscal quarter after the launch of the new iPhone in the autumn, and it is also the second highest revenue fiscal quarter for Apple. Due to production capacity issues in the two high-end versions of the iPhone 14 series at the end of last year, supply decreased, affecting shipments in the first quarter. However, at that time, investment banks predicted that demand for approximately 4 million units would shift to the first quarter of this year, and corresponding revenue would also shift to the second quarter, with an estimated $4.3 billion.

In the second quarter of the 2022 fiscal year, Apple's revenue was $97.278 billion and net profit was $25.01 billion. It will be known whether there will be an increase in revenue and net profit year-on-year in the second quarter of the 2023 fiscal year after the financial report is released.

Source: Corporate press release
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