With AI New Year iBox start the second phase of AIGC competition to create New Year's Day new gameplay

2022-12-30 13:46 0

/ Zhaominong/December 29, 2022 Guangzhou -- The first AIGC competition, iBox uses the current popular AI content creation mode, cleverly combined with the production of digital collections, bringing a new digital collection game created by everyone. The first activity attracted a large number of users to participate in, feeling the fun from participants to creators.

Continuing the popularity of the first period, iBox launched the second phase of AIGC competition before the New Year's Day, with the theme of "New Year's Day with AI to enjoy the New Year", allowing AI to become the brush for drawing good wishes for the New Year, and users to continue to paint the New Year vision with their imagination. The event has further expanded the number of prize winners and aims to let more people experience the fun of creation. In addition, it will also use customized New Year gift boxes to let users feel different New Year's Day blessings.

In addition to the AIGC competition, iBox cooperated with many classic Chinese IP on the big screen of Nasdaq in New York Times Square before the New Year's Day, to show the world the Chinese symbols in the form of digital collection, this activity also heralded the full start of iBox "Together" New Year series activities.

With the popular ChatGPT, people's understanding of AI is refreshed once again, and the potential of AIGC cannot help but trigger deeper thinking. As an important content output of the future metauniverse development, AIGC is closely related to the integration of digital collections. In iBox's opinion, the competition through AIGC can not only let users experience the charm of technology, but also realize the accumulation of community content through the power of users to prepare for the metaverse scene.

At present, the layout of iBox in the meta-universe has been deeply involved in different industries, involving tourism, games, culture, tourism, agriculture and so on. Through digital reshaping, these fields allow digital collections to be linked in them, and AIGC brings more automatic and intelligent content filling for these scenes.

The reason for holding such a contest, iBox said, is to let users feel the fun of self-creation, discover quality content creators. For a long time, the relationship between users and collections has been collectors, and ordinary users can hardly experience the fun of creators. However, in the Web3.0 era, more emphasis is placed on the embodiment of personal value. As a good tool, AIGC provides such an opportunity. Users can get a vivid painting simply by using the text. iBox is also getting a new wave of traffic on the social level by innovating in gameplay and inspiring users to share. The relevant person in charge said, as the activity continues to be held, iBox will also let more brands to join the activity, the formation of users, platforms, brand linkage, open up new marketing play.

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It is reported that in this year's New Year's Day activities, AIGC competition is only one of the iBox series of activities, before and after the New Year's Day iBox will continue to hold a number of series of activities, so that users continue to feel the fun of New Year with iBox together.

Source: Corporate press release
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