Zte 5G Bai Yanmin: 5G new growth, towards the future of the number of wisdom

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/ Daily News/December 26, 2022 Guangzhou -- Recently, the Wireless Future Network conference invited Mr. Bai Yanmin, Vice president of 5G of ZTE, to share a speech. Mr. Bai Yanmin gave a keynote speech titled "New growth of 5G, toward the future of digital intelligence", and shared his in-depth thinking on 5G innovation and the next stage of network development, he put forward Based on endogenous intelligence as the core, focus on simplicity as beauty, to connect as the foundation, to zero carbon as the goal, business as the ability to enhance the innovation and development concept, let's take a look!

Mr. Bai Yanmin said that ZTE 5G has always insisted on simplicity as beauty in product design. With stronger spectrum integration ability, higher integration degree and higher spectral efficiency, we can make use of our spectrum resources to achieve network minimalism, extreme performance and rapid network evolution in the future. In the FDDsub-3GHz spectrum replowing, higher site capacity, better coverage performance and site simplification are achieved through larger channels, multi-frequency integration and power enhancement. In other frequency bands, base stations will develop towards a larger number of channels and ultra-large scale antenna arrays to support large-capacity scenarios, and continue to release spectrum potential by giving full play to the spectrum advantages of each frequency band.

Regarding the application of 5G to ToB, Mr. Bai Yanmin pointed out that there are three major challenges if we want to truly achieve "full connectivity". First, it goes deep into the production domain to solve the bandwidth and low-delay concurrent business requirements required by typical industry applications. It launches the industry's first subband full-duplex technology and products to realize single-frequency multi-capability. Second, it is affordable. RedCap, a "lightweight" 5G Internet of Things technology, cuts the terminal capacity and achieves massive 5G connection with lower terminal cost and energy consumption. Third, wide connectivity. Through multi-terminal collaboration technology, the capacity bottleneck of single terminal devices can be broken, the lack of uplink capacity can be improved, and the wide accessibility of 5G high-speed experience can be realized.

In terms of energy efficiency improvement, Mr. Bai Yanmin mentioned that ZTE 5G takes zero carbon as its goal and constantly pursues the "perfect bit-watt curve". Through the device-site-network level and multi-stage energy-saving scheme, energy consumption perfectly matches the business needs and does not waste every kilowatt of electricity.

Bai Yanmin believes that "to build a more efficient 5G network, the improvement of the level of wireless intelligence is the key", the industry is the first wireless intelligent arrangement, put forward the base station endogenous intelligence, realize the base station level business identification, through the calculation arrangement between the base station to realize the calculation pool, on-demand sharing, plus the calculation of the calculation board expansion, support the development of the application of endogenous intelligence. Then, intent-driven is introduced to realize efficient hierarchical service assurance.

For new business, Mr. Bo Yanmin believes that XR business will be the first in outdoor and mobile scene application combined with 5G, become a new traffic engine, to this end, ZTE 5G launched XR new business oriented end-to-end network solution X-Edge, through auxiliary terminal energy saving, beat type intelligent scheduling and multi-user anti-resonance algorithm, as well as base To evaluate the experience of digital twinning, XR separation rendering based on the base station of computing power can realize the multi-dimensional guarantee of XR.

Finally, Mr. Bai Yanmin said that in the future, the mining and expansion of 5G capacity will always be driven by business, to serve a wider range of application scenarios. Through continuous in-depth research on intelligent metasurface, the industry's first collaborative beamforming technology verification of 5G base station and dynamic intelligent metasurface was realized, and the coverage of weak area of static RIS was improved by 18dB on average. We will actively explore NTN technology and build a network that integrates space and heaven everywhere. Expand the communication perception ability, the industry is the first to complete a single AAU integrated technology verification, to achieve sub-meter level sensing accuracy and detection distance of more than 1 km, on the 4.9G commercial base station, also realized the perception distance of 1.4 km, and road coordination scene verification.

ZTE 5G has always adhered to independent innovation, will leave the difficult things to themselves, will do the most difficult things well, I believe that in the future, this "national brand of science and technology" will work together with partners to bring more surprises and progress to the world, build an excellent experience, wide connectivity, high efficiency, multi-dimensional application expansion of digital intelligence infrastructure, create unlimited value, boost the number Development of the word era.

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