Do you want to open the door for ventilation after washing clothes? Haier Langjing X11 washing machine: can breathe and prevent odor

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/PRZWT/After washing clothes, many users will open the door of the washing machine for ventilation. Especially in summer, the inner drum of the washing machine after use is humid, and bacteria will breed and produce peculiar smell over time. If the washed clothes are not taken out in time, they will be stuffy and "rancid" for a long time. The washing machine must be opened for ventilation?

Haier washing machines give a different answer. On July 6, the 2025 Haier Washing Industry Global Summit and the Langjing X11 series global launch event were held in Wuzhen. Unlike before, this event is mainly based on interactive experience. At the event site, Haier Langjing X11 series washing machines showed a new way of washing and nursing life that can breathe and prevent odors through the "small windmill", allowing the washing machine to say goodbye to opening the door for ventilation.

No need to open the door for ventilation, wind cruise technology allows the washing machine to breathe

Why is Haier Langjing X11 called a "breathing" washing machine? In this event, the staff brought the small windmill close to the washing machine. Under the action of technologies such as active air intake, micro-positive pressure exhaust and 360 ° vortex air circulation, the small windmill was blown and rotated. This is because the original wind cruise technology of Haier Langjing X11 washing machine can replace the air in the cylinder every 2 minutes, so that the washing machine can "breathe". Even if the cylinder door is not opened, moisture can be discharged. The washing cabin and window mat can be restored to dryness in as little as 2 hours, and the sterilization rate is greater than 99.99%. Even if you forget to take it out after washing, the washing machine can actively shake away the clothes while ventilating, achieving worry-free forgetting for 12 hours.

In addition, the Haier Langjing X11 series is also equipped with direct drive cleaning technology. Taking the jacket as an example, the Langjing X11 washing machine can ensure that the clothes are completely turned over and cleaned every time they are washed, and the washing is uniform, clean and does not damage the coating. When drying, the 1:1 OurHours is reversed and matched with stepless variable speed air, which can achieve double control of humidity and temperature, allowing the clothes to stretch and dry while activating the fabric performance. It is also with the blessing of these technologies that the Haier Langjing X11 series has become the first product in the industry to meet the highest level of health and cleanliness standards.

In response to users' concerns about the drying effect, Haier Langjing X11 series washing and drying machine also gave a solution on site. The staff put the towel in the detection area of the inner cylinder of the all-in-one machine, and the trend will change the air temperature according to the humidity of the towel. This is because its first PTC net filtration and smart drying technology can intelligently match the temperature, and then cooperate with the wool filter system to realize micron-level wool cleaning, and do not block the air duct for 10 years.

Inspire innovation, Langjing X11 leads the global trend of cleaning

As a new product launched globally, Haier Langjing X11 series washing machine has always adhered to original technology to provide users with a better product experience, not only leading the innovation trend of the washing machine industry, but also becoming a global leader in washing technology.

In terms of design, the Haier Langjing X11 series washing machine adopts the creativity from Haier Milan Experience Design Center, and also integrates international architectural design concepts. Finally, it adapts to the global user operation needs in 26 languages, and successfully wins the IF Award and Best of IFA, which are known as the "Oscars" in the design industry.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing, the Langjing X11 series relies on the manufacturing strength of Haier washing machine's 30 large-scale manufacturing bases, 2 lighthouse factories, 1 sustainable lighthouse factory, and global Industry 4.0 certification, achieving simultaneous listing in 20 countries including China, Britain, France, Germany, and Italy, setting a flagship benchmark for the global care industry.

In terms of research and development, Haier's washing machine strength is also the first in the world. As of now, Haier's washing machine patent inventions rank first in the industry, and the number of overseas inventions ranks first in the world. It has won two national science and technology progress awards and won two Chinese invention patent gold awards.

Through innovative technology, Haier washing machines have not only solved the industry problem of "the inner cylinder is wet and smelly, and the moisture cannot be discharged", but also provided an exploration direction for the next innovation and development of the washing machine industry with its diverse innovative strength.

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