Smart Translation is always available to unlock the powerful AI capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series

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In today's increasingly globalized world, cross-language communication has become an inevitable requirement in daily life and work. Whether it is traveling abroad, negotiating cross-border business, or studying in a foreign country, language barriers are often an urgent problem that needs to be solved. Samsung Galaxy S24 series brings more accurate and smoother translation functions through Galaxy AI with more powerful AI computing power and continuously optimized model compression algorithms, as well as Samsung's global R & D layout advantages, and integrates it into many native applications, providing users with anytime and anywhere translation support, truly realizing "full scene" barrier-free communication.

  Call real-time translation: Accessibility to make and receive calls

  The Samsung Galaxy S24 series integrates real-time call translation in the native calling app, which can be turned on by simply tapping the real-time translation button in the call assistant when making a call. Live Call Translation supports 16 different languages and provides real-time two-way voice and text translation services. This means that whether it is a business conference call with a foreign customer or a phone booking for local services while traveling, users can communicate smoothly on the phone with people from different language backgrounds without relying on a third-party app or external device.

  It is worth mentioning that this function is based on a completely offline AI implementation, and the user's call content will not be uploaded to the cloud for processing, which greatly enhances the privacy and security of the call. Users can make cross-language calls with confidence and enjoy a more convenient and secure communication experience.

  Simultaneous interpretation: face-to-face communication is smoother

  In face-to-face communication, the simultaneous interpretation function of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series becomes a user's right-hand assistant. Users can use the simultaneous interpretation app to allow both parties to see the translation results in real time during the conversation, thus avoiding misunderstandings and inconveniences. When traveling abroad, you need to ask for directions, order food, or want to chat with new local friends. You can use the simultaneous interpretation app to communicate effectively.

  The simultaneous interpretation function not only accurately translates speech, but also allows both parties to see the translation results in real time through a split-screen interface, which significantly improves the fluency and efficiency of the conversation. Whether in formal settings or in daily communication, this feature helps users achieve barrier-free communication.

  Deep integration of native applications

  In addition to real-time call translation and simultaneous interpretation capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series also fully integrates translation capabilities into native input methods, Samsung Notes, browsers, tape recorders and other applications. These applications are closely related to the user's life and work, thus ensuring that users can access translation support at any time in various scenarios.

  The split-screen interface of the simultaneous interpretation app and the built-in translation function of Samsung's native keyboard

  In the native input method, users can use the translation function when composing text messages, emails and other text content, and translate the entered text into the desired language in real time. The translation function in Samsung Notes allows users to translate the content at any time when taking notes, which is convenient for cross-language recording and sharing. In the browser, users can directly translate web content and easily access global information. In the voice recorder, users can use the transcription assistant to convert the recording into easy-to-read text, generate summaries for it, and translate it into other languages.

  Continuously evolving to support more languages

  Since its launch, Galaxy AI's translation capabilities have been continuously enriched and evolved. From the initial support of 13 languages, it has now expanded to support 16 languages, including Arabic, Indonesian and Russian, as well as dialects such as Australian English, Cantonese and Canadian French. This expanding language support ensures that users can receive efficient and accurate translation services in more language environments.

  In the future, the Galaxy AI translation function will continue to expand to support more languages, further enhancing users' cross-language communication experience. Samsung is committed to continuously optimizing and improving the translation function through technological innovation to provide users with more convenient and intelligent communication solutions.

  With the continuous evolution of the Galaxy AI translation function and the expansion of language support, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will continue to lead the development of mobile translation technology, enabling users to achieve barrier-free cross-language communication in the context of globalization. Whether in business, travel or study, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is a user's right-hand assistant, making language no longer a barrier to communication.

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