The air is more comfortable! Casarte's full-effect comfortable air solution debuts at Sixianghui

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/PRZWT/Nowadays, there are more and more air conditioners, floor heating, fresh air and other equipment in the home. Although they can make life more comfortable, there are also many problems that come with them. For example, each device must be controlled separately, which is very cumbersome to operate. In addition, users can only judge the air state by feeling, and it is difficult to precisely adjust the temperature and humidity for their own area and their own home environment. But when users need to take the initiative to adjust the air, they often feel uncomfortable.

On June 21st, June 21st, the launch conference of 2024 Sixianghui and Casarte Zhijing Suite was opened in Chongqing. On the same day, in the experience room of Guanyinqiao business district, Casarte not only brought the latest AI full-effect comfortable air solution, but also set up a display space in Chongqing Jiefangbei, allowing users to experience the clear and visible whole house comfortable air.

Say goodbye to cumbersome operation: air visibility, one-click control

In the heat of summer, every time we step into the house, we have to start the air conditioner, fresh air system and air purifier one by one, and then adjust the temperature and humidity separately. Although this makes the home more comfortable, the whole process is particularly troublesome. In addition, the air is invisible and intangible, and it is often difficult to judge the state of the air in time. Usually only when we feel unwell will we realize that there is something wrong with the indoor air.

In order to solve these problems, Casarte launched the AI full-effect comfortable air solution, allowing users to enjoy a comfortable whole-house air environment more easily. In the Casarte high-end scene art exhibition experience room in Chongqing Guanyinqiao business district, citizens stopped in one after another and felt the "smart" of the AI full-effect comfortable air solution through experiments.

At the scene, Casarte used an experiment to explain how the AI full-effect comfortable air solution works. I saw the staff light a cigarette in the experience room. Soon after, the air guard quickly detected that the PM2.5 exceeded the standard, and then automatically turned on the fresh air for ventilation, quickly discharged the odor of smoke and dust, and ensured that the indoor air was fresh. In the user's home, this solution will also be more flexible to adapt to different life situations. When we get home from get off work, we can turn on the smart big screen of the entrance with one click. The indoor lights will automatically light up, the curtains will automatically adjust to comfortable light, the air conditioning and new air equipment will automatically turn on, and actively adjust with people's work and rest habits, so that the room is always maintained in a comfortable state of constant temperature, constant humidity, constant cleanliness, and constant oxygen.

Avoid dehumidification and cooling: temperature and humidity precise control, warm and comfortable

Witnessing the experimental results of the Casarte AI full-effect comfortable air scheme with your own eyes made the on-site users have a lot of interest in this scheme. After the explanation in the experience room, everyone also had a more comprehensive understanding of the scheme.

In order to solve the trouble of manual adjustment of air equipment in the whole house, Casarte has added an intelligent control system with a smart screen and an air guard as the core. The air guard can display data such as temperature, humidity and air quality on the smart screen, and users can not only understand the air situation on the smart screen, but also centrally operate the whole house air conditioner, floor heating, fresh air and smart lights, curtains and other equipment. Once the air index exceeds the standard, the system will automatically adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, so that the fresh fan can be replaced with new air.

In addition, how to precisely adjust the temperature and humidity in the home is also a headache for many people. Especially after turning on the dehumidification mode of the air conditioner, the humidity has dropped, but the temperature has also dropped, which is very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Casarte's full-effect comfortable air solution can independently control the temperature and humidity.

First of all, let's talk about independent temperature control. In summer, use the fluorine internal machine to experience waterfall cooling, so that the indoor temperature can be quickly cooled and not blown directly; in winter, use floor heating to heat the home, compared with the air conditioner hot air blowing directly above the head, the floor heating "temperature from the foot" feels more comfortable. Besides independent humidification, the humidification fresh air fan can be precisely adjusted according to the environment of different regions, and it can achieve strong dehumidification without cooling in the humid and cold back to the south and the humid rainy season. In the northern heating season, the whole house is humidified, so that the home is not humid in the rainy season and not dry in autumn and winter.

It can not only achieve air visibility, but also provide a comfortable and intelligent air experience. The launch of Casarte AI's full-effect comfortable air solution not only allows users to enjoy a constant temperature, constant humidity, constant cleanliness, and constant oxygen whole house environment, improving the quality of life, but also provides a more imaginative development space for the national transformation of the industry from a single product to a solution.

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