Hot! On the first day of the 2024 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou), the door and window exhibition hall of Genai System was very popular!

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/PRZWT/On July 8th, the 26th China Construction Expo (Guangzhou), which enjoys the reputation of "the world's first exhibition in the home building industry", arrived as scheduled. Genai Doors and Windows brought "Genai" Magic Box "to the booth 20.2-17 Area D of the exhibition hall to display Genai's explosive products and new products of the year, presenting a visual feast of colorful doors and windows for the majority of customers.

Colorful "Magic Box" Exhibition Hall

The first day of the exhibition attracted countless attention

Genai "Magic Box" exhibition hall is designed with the theme of "Genai Love Life, Excellence and Excellence", absorbing the aesthetic essence of color art, integrating personality, aesthetics and function to create a 400-square-meter immersive scene exhibition hall, fully demonstrating the brand strength of Genai System doors and windows to provide consumers with more advanced and more design-sensitive door and window customization solutions. On the first day of opening, Genai "Magic Box" shone in the audience, attracting many merchants to stop for tasting and consultation.

Star product debut

Selected as "Top 100 New Products in the Industry"

At this Expo, Genai System doors and windows brought a variety of popular Internet celebrity products, new low-energy products, and newly upgraded electric products. The star product of the Expo - Genai Canopy Balcony, won the title of "2024 Top 100 New Products in Home Furnishing Industry" jointly awarded by CCTV, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou), Zhongju Culture, and Sina Home Furnishing.

Genai's "Magic Box" also displays a variety of energy-saving products such as Genai Swift's narrow outward opening system window, Genai's near-zero energy consumption window, and Genai's 85 system window. Among them, Genai Swift's narrow outward opening system window has passed the American standard AW-PG60 testing and certification; Genai's near-zero energy consumption window K value is as low as 0.8 W/m2 k, and it has obtained PHI passive room certification.

Media Focus Visit

Genai's brand power is in full bloom

On the first day of the exhibition, Genai's "Magic Box" attracted the attention of many media celebrities. Everyone came to the "Magic Box" exhibition to experience and record the innovation and excitement of the "Magic Box" display, and to interview and report on the new products, new concepts, and new technologies of Genai's doors and windows.

The whale sets sail

Travel the trillion home blue ocean

During the exhibition, Genai System doors and windows grandly launched the "gift 100,000 yuan to join preferential policy", including the opening gift package, precise customer support, sample discount support, headquarters gold training and other super franchise benefits, to give franchisees super entrepreneurial support, for the majority of franchise partners to create worry-free entrepreneurship seven-star intimate service.

Gen love life, excellent and more colorful. Guangzhou Construction Expo is in full swing, more Gen love wonderful products and exclusive benefits, welcome to visit the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall D 20.2-17 booth to understand, Gen love "magic box" Looking forward to your arrival!

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