Tengshi N7 officially pushes "no picture" national high-speed pilot, sitting in the first echelon of smart driving

2024-07-09 18:15 0

On July 4th, the Tengshi N7 welcomed the OTA upgrade again, adding 5 new and optimized 13 functions for the new Tengshi N7, 4 new and optimized 11 functions for the 2023 Tengshi N7, and the intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit are fully evolved. Among them, the "no map" national high-speed pilot is coming, and the national expressway and expressway can be opened! At the same time, functions such as valet parking, sentry mode, and red light countdown are launched, bringing users a more convenient, safe and intelligent new luxury travel experience.

Tengshi has entered the no-picture era, and Tengshi N7 is sitting in the first echelon of smart driving

Tengshi N7 is equipped with the "Eye of the Gods" high-level intelligent driving assistance system, and is equipped with 33 integrated travel and parking sensors such as ultra-long-range high-precision dual lidar. Through accurate perception algorithms, it builds dynamic real-time road structure and topology information, and realizes a national high-speed pilot that does not rely on high-precision maps, national highways and expressways.

Compared with the high-precision map scheme, the map-free scheme has a more coherent experience and a wider range of applications. It can be used nationwide, and it will not be frequently downgraded due to the lack of high-precision maps or the discrepancy between the high-precision maps and the actual road conditions. The driver takes over less frequently, and the high-speed driving is more comfortable. At the same time, in the scenarios of lane change, overtaking, detour, up and down ramp, etc., the vehicle does not strictly follow the track route, but makes reasonable decisions according to the current road conditions. The intelligent driving experience brought to the user is closer to human driving, and the driving experience is further improved. The arrival of the map-free high-speed pilot once again confirms BYD's strong R & D strength.

"Driving + security" go into battle together, parking there is a way to save time and worry

Parking is well-equipped, parking is well-defined, and the Tengshi N7 has added a valet parking function and a sentinel mode, so that users will not panic no matter how rushed they are in their daily travel. Among them, valet parking is pushed for all models that choose a high-end smart driving full package, and sentinel mode is pushed for the new Tengshi N7.

In rainy and snowy weather, when there are too many portable items, and when entering the elevator in a hurry, the user can directly get off the car and lock the car, turn on the valet parking function, and the system will control the vehicle to find the path independently throughout the process, complete the parking and warehousing, and let the novice driver say goodbye to the difficulty of parking, so that the old driver can enjoy convenient travel. After the valet parking is opened, if the user needs to pick up and drop items, the parking process can be unlocked and interrupted at any time, and then the lock will continue to park.

After the user leaves the vehicle, the Sentinel mode automatically starts, and OurHours stands guard for the owner wholeheartedly. When the vehicle is not rubbed, broken windows, hit, or maliciously sprayed, the Sentinel mode will deter outsiders by flashing lights, honking horns, etc., and automatically record videos and notify the owner in time through the mobile APP. The Sentinel mode is linked with valet parking, so users don't have to worry about parking when they are in a hurry, and they don't need to worry about vehicle safety after parking, saving time and worry.

The new function of this OTA, the Tengshi Auto Pioneer Experience Group has been first experienced and given unanimous praise! The Tengshi N7 sits firmly in the first echelon of smart driving! The no-picture high-speed navigation function is as stable as the old driver in the game of lane change, fast and stable passage of large curvature curves, intelligent detour of construction sections, etc. The whole scene performance is ahead of the competition; the sentinel function is for users to stand guard 24/7, and monitor the surrounding environment with a 360-degree full perspective; valet parking saves time and worry, especially the parking of the broken-end road parking space, which not only solves the problem of difficult parking for users, but also greatly saves users' time. In the past June, the sales of the Tengshi N7 reached 2,089 units, ranking among the top three monthly sales of new luxury pure electric medium-sized SUVs. Both comfort, smart driving reputation, and vehicle sales have been greatly improved, confirming once again that the Tengshi N7 is the first choice for young people and young families.

To accelerate the popularization of smart driving, BYD has the confidence and ability. As the first model of BYD Group's high-end intelligent driving, the Tengshi N7 has moved from picture to no picture, and is using practical actions to make high-end smart driving into thousands of households. At present, the Tengshi N7 city pilot function without picture has been tested and is expected to be officially launched within this year. In the future, the Tengshi N7 will use smart, comfortable and safe intelligent driving and high-frequency OTA upgrades to continue to bring users a new luxury smart car experience that is often used and often new.

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