Digital China debuted at the 2024 World artificial intelligence Conference, creating an intelligent future with generative AI and intelligent computing power

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At the forefront of science and technology, artificial intelligence has become the focus of thousands of eyes, and its deep integration with the industry has brought disruptive changes and innovations. On July 4, the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference and the High-level Conference on Artificial Intelligence Global Governance (hereinafter referred to as "WAIC 2024") opened. With the theme of "Promoting Sharing through consultation, promoting good governance and promoting good intelligence", the conference deeply explored the infinite possibilities of core technologies, intelligent end points, and application empowerment, paying special attention to cutting-edge fields such as large models, computing power optimization, robotics, and autonomous driving, attracting the deep participation of global AI pioneers and followers.

Fully embracing AI, at the WAIC 2024 exhibition, Digital China brought the latest AI technology solutions and products to the exhibition, empowering AI native scenarios, multi-cloud heterogeneous green intelligent computing, and creating a "customer-centric AI landing acceleration engine" to help thousands of industries build a localized AI computing power base and solve the pain points of AI landing in the last mile.

AI native empowering platform Shenzhou Wenxue accelerates the digital intelligence transformation of enterprises

In the customer's business practice, in the customer's business scenario, Shenzhou Digital's AI native empower platform - Shenzhou Wenxue, with the deep integration of computing power, models, knowledge and application scenarios, has realized seamless docking from scenario empower, knowledge governance to model training and management, and tailored intelligent solutions for different industries.

At the computing power level, Shenzhou Wenxue integrates diverse high-performance computing resources, optimizes the allocation and scheduling of computing power resources, and ensures the efficient use of AI computing power by enterprises; at the integration and adaptation of large models, Shenzhou Wenxue is equipped with multi-modal, large-scale pre-trained models, while the open platform supports personalized customization of models, private model training and optimization, and flexibly responds to the needs of different industries and business scenarios; in terms of data governance and application, Shenzhou Wenxue simplifies complexity, which can help enterprises complete high-quality data collection, cleaning, labeling and management, laying a solid foundation for the training and practical application of large models; at the application level, Shenzhou Wenxue goes further and provides a full range of application power builders and The environment helps enterprises quickly realize agile scenario construction, easily unlock out-of-the-box AI applications, and inject a steady stream of vitality into enterprise innovation. This innovation system not only simplifies the development process of enterprise AI applications, but also helps enterprises cross traditional boundaries and move into a new era of borderless organizations with high flexibility and iterability, accelerating the deep transformation of digitalization and intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that the booth design of Shenzhou Wenxue has cleverly integrated into the interactive experience area, allowing every visitor to experience the charm of its AI technology up close. Through intuitive operation and experience, it reflects the innovative achievements of Shenzhou Wenxue in AI capabilities.

At present, the torrent of AI reshaping the world is gradually reconstructing our working methods and information architecture, putting forward new requirements for underlying technologies, intelligent computing capabilities and cloud infrastructure. The Shenzhou Inquiry AI native empowerment platform is the key force to accelerate the restructuring of the enterprise system in this era. It not only promotes the innovation of personal work models, but also provides a reliable path for the comprehensive intelligent upgrade of enterprises.

Shenzhou Kuntai builds a multi-cloud heterogeneous green intelligent computing platform and builds a solid AI computing power base

At the event site, Digital China showcased its own brand Shenzhou Kuntai AI intelligent computing series servers, providing a solid intelligent computing base for artificial intelligence applications. Facing the practical needs of cloudy and heterogeneous computing era, complex heterogeneous compatibility problems between intelligent computing clusters and within clusters, Shenzhou Kuntai integrates heterogeneous computing power resources, builds heterogeneous intelligent computing scheduling operation platform HISO, realizes GPU resource virtualization or pooling, and completes computing power scheduling across clusters; builds heterogeneous intelligent computing acceleration platform HICA, shields the ecological differences in the underlying computing power in the cluster, and solves the optimization problem of computing power scheduling within the cluster. At the same time, by establishing a diversified intelligent computing architecture with high throughput, high parallelism, high efficiency, and low energy consumption, Shenzhou Kuntai helps customers break through the bottleneck of computing power in "fast deployment and low investment", and achieve intelligent computing power solutions with better performance, lower cost, and higher energy efficiency.

On top of the multi-cloud and heterogeneous intelligent computing architecture, Shenzhou Kuntai can meet the needs of differentiated customer scenarios by carrying different software and platform products. At this event, Shenzhou Kuntai showcased the solution-oriented products jointly created by itself and partners in various fields such as AI native empower, distributed storage, cloud native software development, and industrial large-scale model, including "Shenzhou Kuntai Learning All-in-One Machine", "Shenzhou Kuntai AI High-Performance Distributed Storage Solution", "Shenzhou Kuntai Cloud Native IDE Software Online Development Navel Management Solution" and "Shenzhou Kuntai Industrial Large-scale Model All-in-One Machine".

The Shenzhou Kuntai Learning All-in-One Machine condenses the advantages of Shenzhou Kuntai's computing power server and Shenzhou Wenxue software platform, and is equipped with an AI native empower platform to help enterprise users customize the development of AI applications for business scenarios, and quickly accumulate core digital assets in the process, create exclusive large models, and realize business innovation.

Shenzhou Kuntai AI high-performance distributed storage solution can handle fast and accurate AI storage and computing task execution, targeting large-scale NPU concurrent data processing requirements, with intelligent layered decoupling, flexible collocation, simplified data lifecycle management, and fully leveraging the capabilities of advanced hardware such as all-flash storage media (NVMe SSD) and high-speed networks to fully stimulate computing potential and support AI-enabled full business processes.

Cloud native IDE software online development management solution, providing a complete set of cloud native integrated development environment, including online writing, debugging, collaboration, code testing, Git code base management and other functions, deployed in the enterprise cloud or data center in a private cloud way, with the browser as the client side, has the advantages of resource efficiency, application agility, security and credibility.

Shenzhou Kuntai Industrial Large Model All-in-One Machine can efficiently access various equipment operation data in the data center, realize equipment health assessment, equipment life prediction, and equipment failure prediction, and build intelligent diagnostic applications based on the large model, support fully automatic fault diagnosis, and comprehensively improve Facility Management efficiency. At the same time, it can integrate multi-modal large model technology, which can uniformly analyze multi-modal data such as people, things, environment and management, and provide comprehensive production safety solutions for multiple levels such as supervision, management and first-line operations.

In addition to products and solutions, Shenzhou Kuntai also brings its own latest industry practice - Shenzhou Kuntai Teacher Development and Teaching Evaluation Center Program. Relying on Shenzhou Kuntai A722 server, the exclusive model of artificial intelligence teaching evaluation is introduced, combined with the industry teaching database, and AI technology is used to evaluate the quality of the whole process of professional teaching, to help professional curriculum construction and improve teacher teaching quality.

At present, artificial intelligence has become the biggest industrial change and new opportunity in the next decade. According to the research report of the brokerage firm, the global and Chinese computing power market will maintain a compound growth of 30% -50% in the next 3-5 years. Digital China is fully embracing AI, building full-stack products, solutions, and service capabilities from the bottom-level computing power infrastructure to the upper-level application for industry scenarios, seizing the opportunities of the times, promoting industrial change, and accelerating the transformation of digital intelligence.

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