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Louvre Home Furnishing × Liang Zhitian, together to create a master space [He · Residence], reconcile the relationship between human settlement space and art and environment, build an elegant and simple art "palace", and interpret the beauty of modern life's multiple balances.

The rhyme of design originates from "and". [He · Ju] absorbs the philosophical essence of "and", integrates the concept of modern human settlement, breaks through the boundaries of architecture, and explores the resonance and harmony between space, art, environment, function and emotion, so as to achieve a balanced and harmonious middle way.

With the courtyard as the center, the overall layout is scattered and dense. The light and lush greenery of the sky are interwoven into paintings, giving the space a natural relaxation and freedom.

The duplex staircase becomes a part of the courtyard, a carrier that connects the interior and exterior, breaking the restrictions of traditional space concepts, and the natural charm flows freely here.

Open and social, emotional resonance. Home is a place to rest, but also a harbor for emotional exchange. The people-oriented design concept gives the space emotional links, combining the living room, tea tasting area, kitchen and other scenes to create a social space that integrates function and design, making the time together more enjoyable.

The open kitchen layout and glass cabinets complement each other, giving the space the beauty of smoothness and extension. During three meals and four hours, families gather around to share anecdotes and convey the temperature of home in a room of laughter.

The private space is a reproduction of the living taste and habits of the residents. The study adopts a semi-open design, with simple lines and artistic wallpaper, hiding luxury in elegance, overlooking the garden, and condensing more advanced freehand brushwork.

Walk to the red wine and cigar area, with the circulation of light and shadow, presenting different atmospheres, savoring the mellow wine and the rich cigar in the square inch, and feeling the leisure and comfort in the quiet time.

The bedroom is a place to return to one's own emotions. The introduction of the art gallery can not only spy on the indoor landscape, but also satisfy the residents' reverie about art.

Beige and green are intertwined to create a comfortable and warm resting atmosphere, which not only echoes the theme of nature in the space, but also allows residents to forget the hustle and bustle of the world and enjoy the peace and tranquility of a room.

In addition to the space works of masters such as Liang Zhitian, the Louvre Total Case Customization Center located on the 5th to 8th floors of Area A of the Louvre is also full of attractions. It gathers the world's top home furnishing brands and design forces to build a complete and customized ecological chain from cabinets, kitchen appliances, building materials to interior design, door and wall systems, and whole house intelligence. It is committed to providing consumers with a full set of personalized solutions from space design to art aesthetics, and then to complete customization, helping to create a unique and beautiful living experience. Among them, the concept experiment of contemporary art + space aesthetics + lifestyle is mainly based on the master space model room, which is created by world-class design masters such as Liang Zhitian, Liang Jianguo, Meng Ye, Huang Quan, Cui Shu, Gu Teng, Wu Wenli, Antonio, etc. It has been repeatedly carved and polished in the past three years to create a model of quality space aesthetics.

Louvre Home Furnishing × Liang Zhitian integrates design, art and life to create a harmonious symbiosis, a simple luxury space of natural art, and a modern and simple art of life. In addition, there are more master spaces to look forward to, so as to appreciate the beauty of design and the charm of art together.

"A good design must have a good grasp of the scale, and it needs to be JUST RIGHT, no more, no less."

Liang Zhitian

Founder of Liang Zhitian Design Group

Internationally renowned architectural, interior and product designers

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