Martian integrated cooker: Pioneer of the kitchen revolution, creating a new home experience for the future

2024-07-08 17:08 0

/PRZWT/BEIJING, July 8, 2024 - The Martian X5 Pro integrated cooker has bravely declared war on the pain points of traditional kitchens, which have deterred many people from cooking, such as poor smoke exhaust, cramped space, troublesome cleaning, and disorderly storage. Today, with its four core advantages of ultra-high value, all-round integration, top performance, and leading intelligence, it is leading the transformation of the kitchen of the "future home".

"Home of the Future" is the blueprint for the future outlined by the Martian integrated cooker, the leader of the industry. It is a revolution that transforms the traditional closed, single-function and difficult-to-maintain kitchen into an open, interactive and wholesome space. It is a pursuit that relentlessly leads people towards a high quality of life. It is a promise to provide wider choices and higher degrees of freedom for everyone who pursues excellence in life.

Super high value: elegant presentation

The design of the bionic swan neck cleverly blends the curvaceous beauty of nature with the streamlined home aesthetic design concept. The X5 Pro is not only elegant in appearance, but also makes your kitchen a model of beauty. In this era of beauty, "Martian" is not only outstanding in appearance, but also has inner strength. Its curved smoke design allows you to be almost free from oil fumes when cooking; Nebula touch screen with blue ambient light technology design adds a pleasant atmosphere to cooking. The all-glass body is not only easy to clean, but also reduces daily troubles.

All-round integration: the master of functions

In daily cooking, the "steaming, roasting and frying four-in-one" is a highly disruptive and innovative design. It can not only simmer, fry, steam and roast at the same time, but also prepare a table of delicacies in just 30 minutes. This greatly improves the efficiency and space utilization of the kitchen. The oversized volume of 80L can easily accommodate the cooking of the whole leg of lamb. The disinfection mode of Martian tableware is surprising, achieving two-star disinfection effect in the industry. There is no need for additional disinfection cabinets, providing a solid guarantee for baby products. This fully integrated ability can provide full protection for the family.

Top performance: setting a new benchmark in performance

The X5 Pro integrated stove is equipped with the third-generation DC inverter motor, which achieves a cruising air volume of 25m ³/min with a maximum power of 400W. Even the maximum static pressure of 1200Pa during stir-frying can ensure that no fumes leak. Deep-sea-level silent technology makes the 49.5dB environment a guarantee for children to sleep peacefully. In addition, the super firepower value of 5.2kW and the ultra-high thermal efficiency of 66% allow you to quickly complete cooking while reducing energy consumption.

Leading intelligence: more than just convenience

The Mcook smart kitchen platform uses fully automatic and precise smoke control technology to provide a large number of recipes in the cloud, and realizes the convenience of mobile phone touch and operation through NFC. These smart features save you time and allow you to enjoy more freedom in your busy life.

With the support of such a fully functional integrated stove, "Martian Future Home" breaks through the traditional definition of home: home is not just a house, open space makes home life more open and free. The development of smart appliances aims to simplify life. Advanced functions such as one-click reservation and automatic cooking make life simple and exquisite; intelligent design such as dynamic space interaction fully takes into account the needs of members of all ages. Open kitchens not only increase the space for emotional communication, but also make the interaction between family members more frequent and natural.

In the tide of brand innovation and technological progress, the Martian integrated stove has always firmly integrated the development concept of combining science and technology with humanities, and bravely explored the innovative path of self-evolution and growth. It not only reinterprets the connotation of cooking, but also becomes an indispensable cooking partner in the family kitchen. The Martian integrated stove has once again achieved a gorgeous turn, sublimating the culinary art to the dual driving force of quality of life and industry development, injecting new vitality into a better life and industry prosperity.

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