Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Chinese Medicinal Materials Base: Green Development Helps Rural Revitalization in a New Chapter

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/PRZWT/JULY 8, 2024 FUJIAN - Consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty reduction and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization have become the main theme of society. In this process, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical has always been in line with national policies and constantly seeks innovative ways of rural revitalization. From simple material assistance "giving people fish" to "giving people fish" to develop industries, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical actively fulfills social responsibilities on the front line of rural revitalization. With the Chinese herbal medicine base as a fulcrum, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical has not only cultivated high-quality Chinese herbal medicines, but also written a strong stroke on the road to promoting rural revitalization. Today, we focus on several major Chinese herbal medicine bases of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical and explore how they can help local villages regenerate through green development and industrial revitalization.

The fragrance of flowers enriches the people, and the gardenia economy blooms with new hope

Located in Fuding City, Fujian Province, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Gardenia Base has turned gardenia into a new bright spot for local farmers to increase their income through scientific planting and industrial chain extension. The base adopts a "company + farmers" cooperation model, providing technical guidance and market guarantees, making gardenia cultivation a sustainable industry. Today, gardenia blooming season not only attracts many tourists to enjoy the flowers, but also brings real economic benefits to local villagers.

Astragalus is fragrant, the golden hope on the grassland

In the Astragalus Base in Guyang County, Inner Mongolia, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical relies on the rich natural resources of the local area to vigorously develop the Astragalus planting industry. By introducing advanced planting technology and management experience, the base has driven the employment and income growth of local farmers and herdsmen. At the same time, the base also pays attention to ecological and environmental protection, achieving a win-win situation of economic development and ecological balance, injecting a strong impetus into the rural revitalization of Guyang County.

Among the green waters and green mountains, yellow cypress holds up the dream of becoming rich

Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical actively responded to the national targeted poverty alleviation policy and established a yellow and cypress base in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province. By developing the yellow and cypress industry, it helped local poor households achieve poverty reduction. The base not only provided stable sales channels, but also carried out skills training to improve farmers' professional planting ability. The rise of the yellow and cypress industry has turned this once barren land into a golden pastoral field full of hope.

The mountain city is fruity, and bergamot leads the new look of the countryside

In the foggy valleys of Chongqing, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical's Bergamot Base has become a calling card for the local rural revitalization. The base has promoted the upgrading of the bergamot industry by integrating resources and optimizing the planting structure. At the same time, the base has also combined the development of tourism to create rural tourism projects with the theme of Bergamot, attracting a large number of tourists and promoting the diversified development of the local economy.

Gan water nourishes, rushes light up the bright road in the countryside

In the rushes base on the banks of the Gan River in Jiangxi Province, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical makes full use of the local superior natural conditions to promote rushes cultivation and form a large-scale and standardized production system. The construction of the base not only increases the income of farmers, but also improves the overall appearance of the village. With the vigorous development of the rushes industry, the local village is ushering in a bright future.

Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical's Chinese herbal medicine bases are not only the production places of Chinese herbal medicines, but also practitioners of rural revitalization. Through green development, industrial upgrading and ecological protection, these bases are injecting new vitality into China's rural areas, allowing tradition and modernity to blend here, and allowing green and development to go hand in hand. Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical will continue to join hands with the rural areas to create a better tomorrow.

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