Fengchao and Wuxi Metro cooperate for the first time to achieve in-app delivery of express delivery

2024-07-05 15:15 0

Recently, Fengchao Smart Cabinet has successfully settled in key subway stations such as Sanyang Square Station and Shengan Station in Wuxi, Jiangsu, pioneering the realization of express delivery services in subway stations. This is not only an expansion of Fengchao's service scene, but also a new exploration of the subway field beyond daily life scenes such as communities, office areas, government units, high-speed rail stations and tourist attractions.

Fengchao flashes into Wuxi subway station, realizing in-app delivery for the first time

Since 2023, adhering to the concept of green urban rail, promoting diversified integration, and exploring the innovative model of "subway + logistics", the first "air rail intermodal" logistics demonstration line in the Yangtze River Delta region has been launched in Wuxi, enabling mail and express to be delivered to citizens through the subway network. More than half a year of operation has witnessed the successful delivery of more than 40,000 mail and express, the participation of express outlets is increasing, the "express on the subway" service continues to expand, and the cooperation between urban rail transit and the postal express industry is deepening.

In this context, Fengchao joined hands with Wuxi SF Express to deepen the integration model of "subway + logistics", introduce self-service express cabinet services at Wuxi subway stations, and promote the intelligent upgrade of subway stations. Through functions such as intelligent cabinet allocation, one-click order placement, and online logistics information inquiry, it provides commuters and tourists with efficient and convenient services such as express delivery, package storage, and laundry.

Since the service was launched, Fengchao's terminal service function has attracted many citizens with its convenience and speed. Users can easily complete the delivery by simply scanning the QR code, filling in the necessary information, completing the payment and putting in the item. The delivery is also convenient. Users can set the delivery address as the courier cabinet to realize the pickup after get off work.

Fengchao deposit boxes provide large, medium and small storage spaces to meet the storage needs of backpacks, shopping bags and 29-inch suitcases. The 24-hour service advantage adapts to the flexible travel needs of passengers and office workers, significantly reducing the travel burden.

Fengchao continues to deploy deposit box business to help build a convenient life circle

The package storage business of Fengchao smart cabinets has been launched in transportation hubs, shopping malls, hospitals and other public places in major cities across the country, effectively meeting the needs of users for package storage. Especially in traffic-intensive transportation hubs, the deposit cabinets have greatly improved the convenience and storage efficiency of passengers. Fengchao plans to break through 10,000 units nationwide in the next three years.

Fengchao's in-depth cooperation with Metro Group marks a major breakthrough in exploring multiple usage scenarios

The successful landing of Fengchao smart cabinet in Wuxi subway station marks the first in-depth cooperation with Metro Group, and is another major breakthrough for Fengchao in the exploration of diverse usage scenarios. This cooperation not only brings convenience to citizens' daily lives, but also injects new vitality into the process of urban intelligence. Fengchao is committed to extending smart express services to a wider range of life scenarios through innovative cooperation models, allowing citizens to enjoy the convenient life experience brought by technology.

With the successful implementation of smart cabinets in Wuxi Metro Station, Fengchao's innovative model of smart cabinets is expected to be further promoted nationwide, contributing to the construction of smart life in more cities. Fengchao will continue to uphold the corporate mission of "making life simpler", continue to explore and innovate, and create a better smart life experience for citizens.

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