TCL Wei Xue: Green is the base color for high-quality development of enterprises

2024-06-19 16:39 0

/PRZWT/GUANGZHOU, June 19, 2024 - On June 14, Wei Xue, Vice President of TCL Technology Group, Director of ESG Office, and Chairperson of TCL Public Welfare Foundation, was invited to attend the "ESG Innovation and High-Quality Enterprise Development Forum" to share TCL's latest practices and innovative ideas in the field of ESG, and help Chinese enterprises achieve green and sustainable development.

"Green development is the base color of TCL's high-quality development, and ESG internal and external practices are gradually becoming a necessary management tool for TCL to move towards high-quality development, as well as an important channel for stakeholders to understand the development of the enterprise," Wei Xue said in his speech.

As a globally competitive smart technology industry group, TCL has taken ESG management to a new strategic level, established a sustainable development governance system directly led by the board of directors, and deepened the integration of environmental, social and governance factors in the company's strategic planning and daily operation management, building an important support for the sustainable development of enterprises.

At present, TCL is implementing the ESG concept, the "3050" carbon neutrality commitment goal and the TCLGreen global initiative in the three major industrial fields of semiconductor display, new energy photovoltaic and intelligent end point through TCL Technology and TCL Industry. By the end of 2023, 19 companies under TCL have passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and have 13 national green factories, 6 provincial green factories, and 4 industries have obtained green building certification.

When talking about specific green practices, Wei Xue said, "TCL has implemented and implemented the green development concept in the whole process of enterprise production and operation by building green factories, laying out green industries and building green supply chains."

Among them, TCL Huaxing, a subsidiary of TCL Technology, invested a total of 46.82 million yuan in the past year, implemented 638 energy-saving projects, achieved power saving 499 million degrees, avoided carbon emissions of about 284,600 tons, and the manufacturing base in Wuhan invested about 1 billion yuan in water treatment. The designed annual recovery amount reached 38 million cubic meters, which is equivalent to "recovering the water volume of a Wuhan East Lake in three years". Its t3 and t4 production lines were rated as national green factories; TCL Central, on the one hand, reduced the cost of photovoltaic products by taking advantage of the technical advantages of G12 N-type silicon wafers and shingle modules, and on the other hand, carried out process improvement and equipment optimization and upgrading in the production of energy consumption, and reduced the 65.45 million degree of power use in 2023.

In the smart end point industry, TCL Industrial realizes the whole life cycle environmental management from product design, production, use to recycling through technological innovation and strengthening supply chain cooperation. As of now, a total of 7 factories under TCL Industrial have obtained the national "green factory" certification. It is worth mentioning that TCL has obtained the first carbon label certification for electrical appliances in China, and the TCL LCD TV backlight control system can save about 40% of power consumption.

In addition to its own continuous practice of green and sustainable development, TCL has also empowered ESG innovation capabilities to other enterprises and public welfare fields. For example, the energy dual-carbon digital products developed by Gechuang Dongzhi, an industrial Internet platform company under TCL Industry, have helped more than 50 factories in 12 industries to realize intelligent management of energy systems, reducing carbon emissions by about 150,000 tons. In the field of education and public welfare, TCL has taken advantage of TCL's central industrial advantages to complete 20 TCL photovoltaic low-carbon campuses nationwide in 2023, and launched a new model of systematic photovoltaic student assistance at the same time. Six universities across the country have completed a TCL university donation system to help cultivate scientific research talents.

Today, green development has become TCL's long-term business strategy and global brand strategy. "TCL regards'double carbon 'as the core issue of green development from a strategic height, and responds to the national'double carbon' strategy with practical actions," Wei Xue said in his speech.

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