Film promotion

Based on many years of operating experience, we provide customers with multi-channel marketing of film and television works, improve the reputation and popularity of film and television works

Propaganda data
Part +
Cumulative releases
million +
Cumulative box office amount
million +
Cumulative click count
Publicity and distribution service
Cinemas, campuses, shopping malls, buses, subways, communities, KTV, chain stores
New media
Microblog, wechat, PGC, short video community, APP, live broadcast platform, radio, news media mobile terminal
Way of promotion
Variety, radio, forum, SNS, entertainment ticket, Guevara, cat eye, magazines, newspapers
Content output
Well-known film critic, Internet joke writer, fan marketing team, Zhihu writer team, B station editor
Event marketing
Theme premiere, theme viewing, salon forum, flash mob, large-scale ground promotion
Multiple service support
Publicity case
Publicity case
Promotional film
Promotional film

Client Stories

Dongpeng special Drink

Over the years, Dongpeng Special Drink has told our stories to the domestic media and audiences through the platform of Zhaomitong, so that the domestic audiences have a wide understanding of our corporate dynamics. Dongpeng Special Beverage is a young enterprise, the future is still exploring more possibilities. Thanks for the rapid response and accurate service of the Asomtek team. We look forward to a more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the future.

—— Dongpeng special Drink

As an international dairy company with global sales. According to the needs of the operator, Zhaowen continues to provide relevant Kols, models, artists and other users who meet the requirements to insert advertisements in the video for brand communication.At the same time responsible for the implementation of the talent and details.

—— Ausnutria
Siamese royal latex

Provide model real trial experience for Siamese royal latex, household and living products. Through its vast resource base, Zhawen has provided clients with more than 500 models of all types that meet their requirements. At the same time, we communicate with models to obtain the right to use portraits, so as to provide guarantee for customers to use materials in series marketing.

—— Siamese royal latex