TORRAS Exhibits Innovative Tech Gadgets at CES 2023, Making Everyday Life a Breeze

2023-01-10 17:23 0

LAS VEGAS,Jan. 9, 2023/PRZWT/ -- At the recent CES 2023, TORRAS, the award-winning accessory brand, showcased its most breakthrough products under the theme of "Stand Up, Stand Out." CheckTORRAS official websiteandamazon store.

The TORRAS's CES 2023 booth conveyed a modern, creative and striking design. In the middle of the wall, there was a LED screen displaying intriguing product videos, catching the eyes of media, influencers, and tech-savvy enthusiasts.

Situated below the screen was the product exhibition space where a selection of TORRAS's most ground-breaking works was put on display, including the most unusual UPRO Ostand cases and COOLIFY 2 neck air conditioners. Towards the front of the space stood an array of panels presenting a narrative of how the brand started and evolved over the years. This allowed visitors to get a quick peek into the great creativity and pioneering spirit of the brand.

Further, TORRAS introduced the attendees to some of their new products in a section called "TORRAS: Color your life" which offered a chance for the public and media to try on the company's latest phone cases, neck air conditioners and more. TORRAS's personalized interactive demonstrations added a playful element, as well as showcased new ways users can take advantage of the TORRAS products. TORRAS's CES 2023 exhibition drew the participation of various tech lovers who were all amazed by TORRAS's ability to build products that make life a breeze.

Behind every model was the TORRAS team standing up to the challenge. Years ago, they enabled phone cases to stand up as a kickstand, which set standards for how kickstand cases should be globally, but the team did not stop there. To meet the changing needs and evolving trends, the team always keeps on looking for things to be improved on their products to serve their users better. With a forward-thinking and advancing spirit, TORRAS has been pushing boundaries and cracking problems others ignored, bringing innovative ideas like all-around airbags and X-SHOCK airbags into implementation. Now the brand provides a good variety of gadgets, transforming the way people use their phone cases, fans, and air conditioners.

"Less is more," said Jayden, Brand Marketing Director. "We provide ways to simplify our users' lives without sacrificing their daily productivity." The combination of simplistic aesthetics and cutting-edge technologies allows TORRAS to offer an experience unlike any other.

When using phones at a desk has become a norm nowadays, TORRAS optimized its case with users' needs in mind, combining an embeddable, multifunctional kickstand into this case, so users can binge-watch their favorite TV shows or FaceTime their family anytime without sacrificing the magnetic charging feature they love on their iPhones.

What UPRO Ostand felt like in general is that it looked like a typical Magsafe case—solid, reliable, and magnetic charging. But, at a closer look, it is not just a Magsafe or kickstand case but a combo of the two. Designed with a magnetic ring that resembles some connection between users and their future life, this kickstand magnetic charging case can prop up at extremely adjustable angles, both vertically and horizontally, so when you're having meals or answering video calls at a desk, you'll never worry about having no place to set up your phone.

And the COOLIFY 2, the award-winning flagship product, demonstrates that the company is steering the future of neck air conditioners. This is a gadget never seen in everyday life until TORRAS invented it two years ago. The COOLIFY 2 can now do more compared with the previous generation. TORRAS converted a neck fan into a neck air conditioner by applying its in-house semiconductor-based technology and a super powerful motor that allows it to cool the surroundings down by 27 degrees in just 3 seconds. "What we would like to do, is not only to help everyone live better," said Jayden. "but to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet by cooling ourselves down at the expense of fewer resources." TORRAS has signed The Climate Pledge, a commitment to lessen the environmental impact as the team wished to deliver a more energy-efficient lifestyle where everyone could achieve more with less.

TORRAS stood up to every challenge that came its way and now its products now proven to stand out on the market due to unrivaled quality and design.

Two standout lifestyle innovations from TORRAS, UPRO Ostand case for iPhone 14 and COOLIFY 2 neck air conditioner, are available


Founded in 2012, TORRAS is an innovative brand with a design philosophy of "Simple but Unique." They now have an R&D laboratory that spans over 2,000 square meters and have obtained more than 1,100 patents thus far, with 36 of its products winning prestigious international design awards, including the GermanRed DotAward.

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